EVENT | 16 mar 2016

Nordic Panel: Fighting Sexism and Hate Speech Online

Gender-based hate speech is a backlash and a threat to women’s presence in the public debate. That’s why sexism online is an issue of democracy. On March 18th, during an event at the UN Commission on the Status of Women, an expert Nordic panel will discuss the available strategies for combatting sexist online bullying.

Both globally and in the Nordic Region, gender equality and feminism encounter resistance. This resistance particularly thrives online, often expressed through anonymous expressions of hatred. It’s often gender-based and often aimed at women.

The Nordic ministers for gender equality have decided to respond to the wave of growing sexism online and hate speech more resolutely. As such the Nordic governments have nominated a panel of national experts to debate at the CSW the most effective ways - including legal and political tools – of how to respond to this situation.

Come and listen to this Nordic panel of experts of journalists, researchers, activists and politicians with their own experiences of online violence and of how it can be tackled. The event will be livestreamed on UN WebTV.

About the event “Fighting Sexism and Hate Speech Online”, March 18th
About CSW60, Commission on the Status of Women, 14-24 March 2016


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