New Issue of European Media Policy

NYHETSBREV | 6 december 2016

Welcome to a new issue of our newsletter European Media Policy, providing an up-date on policy developments at the European level.

Some of the contents in this December issue:

  • Soon low tax rates can be applied not only to printed but also to digital publications
  • The increasing spread of fake news on the internet has been much condemned by heads of government and many others.
  • Policymakers are demanding more transparency and accountability of digital platforms, which in recent months have been under fire for helping to spread false information and censoring content.
  • In September the EU Commission finally presented its modernized copyright rules. Much debated is a new right for publishers.
  • Policy makers are very concerned about the increasing violence against journalists. Ensuring safety for journalists is a serious concern for the EU, shows a recent report.
  • All EU Citizens, whether in the countryside or in cities, must have access to basic broadband and fundamental internet services, says the EU Commission which recently proposed new telecom rules.


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