NYHET | 4 apr 2016

Media Pluralism Monitor Report 2015

The Media Pluralism Monitor aims to assess the risks to media pluralism in the EU countries. The 2015 report, covering 19 countries, is now available. The results for Finland and Sweden, the two Nordic countries included in the study, show a generally good state for media pluralism, but with warning signs due to a concentration in media ownership. 

The Media Pluralism Monitor is a tool designed to monitor media pluralism in EU member states. It is based on a study funded by the European Commission in 2009, which led to a first version of the tool defining a set of indicators and a scoring system. The MPM studies are conducted by the CMPF, the Centre for Media Pluralism and Media Freedom.

The Monitor assesses the risks to media pluralism based on a set of indicators covering four domains: Basic Protection, Market Plurality, Political Independence, and Social Inclusiveness. Examples of indicators included are the protection of freedom of expression, journalistic profession, transparency of media ownership, concentration of media ownership, independence of public service media governance and funding, access to media for different groups, and media literacy.  

More information at the European Commission’s website
The 2015 results at CMPF’s website
The Finnish country report
The Swedish country report

Note: In the 2014 MPM study, the nine other member states were assessed, Denmark among them (read the 2014 Danish report here). In 2016, the Media Pluralism Monitor will be applied in all EU member states and in two candidate countries.