EVENT | 5 dec 2016

Journalism and Terrorism

The Linnæus University in co-operration with Fojo: Media Institute will organise an international conference on Journalism in a world of terrorism, Kalmar, Sweden 9-11 May 2017.

It is an increased challenge for journalists to cover terrorism. Threats of revenge and political decisions limit journalists from doing a fair job. Sometimes journalists are the targets of terrorist acts like in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and in Paris against Charlie Hebdo. Alleged anti-terrorism policies increasingly prevent journlists by limiting freedom of expression as in the USA after 9/11 and in Turkey recently.

Journalism in a world of terrorism

This call for conference offers an opportunity where academics and journalists meet to share experience, discuss and reflect the dilemmas journalism in the world of terrorism has to cope with.

Themes for discussion

  • Safety of journalists and the issue of impunity
  • Reporting legal issues and human rights
  • Semantics: uses of words such as 'terrorism' and 'terrorist'
  • Protection of journalists' integrity and independence
  • Consequence of social media and new ICTs on terrorism reporting

Keynote speakers

Robert Fisk, Award-winning author and international correspondent
Daya Thussu, Professor of international communication at Westminster University
Corney C Radsh,  Advocacy director of Committee to protect journalists
Can Dündar, Turkish journalist and editor-in-chief of Cumhuriyet, Turkish newspaper


The conference is organised by The Linnæus University in co-operation with Fojo: Media Institute
Nina Hjelmgren, Program director, Fojo
Renauld de la Brosse, Professor, Linnæus University
Stig A Nohrstedt, Professor Emeritus

To apply please send an email with abstract to: kalmarconference@lnu.se
Include contact information: name, position, email address and phone number.
Deadline: 15 February 2017.
Full text is expected mid-April.

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