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Fighting Fakes – The Nordic Way

 | 3 maj 2018
“Fake News” understood as propaganda, lies, disinformation and fake factory stories are serious threats to our democracies. The Nordic Council of Ministers is now launching a booklet on how to counter so-called “fake news".

In September 2017, a high-level experts group met in Copenhagen to discuss and advice on “fake news”. The booklet Fighting Fakes – The Nordic Way, published by the Nordic Council of Ministers, is based upon results from the meeting.

The booklet provides reflections on how, quality journalism, media and information literacy, ethical standards and self-regulation, can counter the so-called “fake news”. The booklet is launched to create a debate on how to counter fakes and build trust in words and facts.

It concludes by listing a number of concrete recommendations to be further discussed at the UNESCO World Press Freedom Day 2018 in Accra, where the booklet will be launched.

Mia Jonsson Lindell

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