NYHETSBREV | 19 nov 2018

European Media Policy – the November issue

This year's third issue of Nordicom's newsletter European Media Policy is out. The newsletter provides an update on policy developments at the European level, concentrating on news from the European Union.

Some of the contents in this November issue:

  • With EU Parliament elections coming up soon fears about the spread of disinformation and election meddling have reached frenzied levels in recent months. EU policymakers are grappling with the issue.
  • The tech giants seem to have lost their glamour. At least in the eyes of EU regulators, human rights groups and other critics who have come down hard on them lately.
  • Public broadcasters are in the doghouse too. In several European countries they have faced or been threatened with budget cuts and restrictions coupled with new demands on their programming.
  • The established media (and their journalists) are not very popular either among certain groups. Who are these people and why do they feel this way? Press analysts and media scholars give some answers.
  • The EU copyright reform provided high drama in the European Parliament this summer. Publishers, authors and artists seem to have won the war. But the battle is not over yet.


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The European Media Policy newsletter is a part of Nordicom's Media Trends service (Mediefakta).