Nordicom presenterar aktuella konferenser. Såväl internationella som nordiska och nationella konferenser ingår. Den nordiska konferensen, NordMedia, har en egen sida.

Kontakta gärna Karin Hellingwerf med information om aktuella konferenser inom medie- och kommunikationsområdet.

3 jul to 5 jul 2019

Braga, Portugal

Rethinking the press in the digital ecosystem

On the occasion of the centennial of the Diário do Minho regional newspaper, we invite the academic community to reflect on the reconfiguration of the written press in terms of professional, sociopolitical, cultural, economic, technical, ethical and legal issues within the new digital paradigm.

Focused on the scientific area of the Communication Sciences, this interdisciplinary event seeks to stimulate the reflection around the issues and changes that presently constitute a challenge of unprecedented magnitude for printed daily media that, throughout the previous centuries, already had to comply to a series of other vicissitudes (such as socio-political changes, new media competition, technological change, etc.).

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The Faculty of Philosophy and Social Sciences of the Catholic University of Portugal and the Center for Philosophical and Humanistic Studies



4 jul to 6 jul 2019

Rikli Balance Hotel, Lake Bled, Slovenia

The 26th International Public Relations Research Symposium (BledCom)

The main 2019 conference theme is *»Trust and Reputation«*. Trust is a foundation of social (and organizational) order and also serves as the underpinning of healthy relationships, exchanges and transactions. There is a growing concern globally that social and organizational trust is eroding, and that it has become harder for organizations to build and protect relationships with stakeholders many of whom themselves seem to be in conflict. In such a challenging environment, how does/should public relations (re)build trust and reputation to help us function as social beings operating in harmonious societies?

5 jul to 5 jul 2019

Madrid, Spain

IAMCR pre-conference: Making Gender Equality in the Media and ICT Visible in the 2030 Agenda

The event has a twofold goal: to discuss what has been accomplished and still needs to be achieved, explored and transformed to foster media gender equality in a digitally transformed environment; and to elaborate a joint statement that will be proposed as an IAMCR-supported collaborative update of Section J from the Beijing Platform for Action, in view of informing the implementation of the Agenda 2030 and related Sustainable development Goals.

6 jul to 6 jul 2019

Madrid, Spain

IAMCR pre-conference:Freedom of expression in the Post-Truth Era

The International Forum on Communication Law and Ethics / Foro Internacional de Etica y Derecho de la Informacion (FIEDI) is an annual conference devoted to the study of communication from the point of view of Law and Ethics that is organized as a pre-Conference of IAMCR the preeminent worldwide professional organisation in the field of media and communication research.

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6 jul to 6 jul 2019

Madrid, Spain

IAMCR pre-conference event: Comparing Gender and Media Equality Across the Globe

his pre-conference is concerned with the possibilities for doing advanced global-level, research on women and media. We aim to bring together scholars interested in large comparative studies of gender and media such as the Global Media Monitoring Project (GMMP), the IWMF newsroom study, the EIGE study on media organizations. Advanced analysis of already existing data will be presented in the first section, then participants will be able to share ideas on how to advance comparative research. There will also be time to learn how to do use of an open access dataset that will be launched at the pre-conference. 

6 jul to 6 jul 2019

Madrid, Spain

IAMCR 2019 pre-conference event:Research, Evidence, and Democratic Governance of the Media Sector

This pre-conference, hosted by the Media Development Working Group, invites both scholars and practitioners to explore how researchers can collaborate with other actors to shape media systems for the better. The pre-conference will address two interlocking questions:   • How can we theorize and understand what it means to democratically govern the media sector?     • What is the role of research, evidence, and knowledge in supporting democratic governance of the sector? 

7 jul to 11 jul 2019

Madrid, Spain

IAMCR Madrid 2019

The conference theme in Madrid will be "Communication, Technology and Human Dignity: Disputed Rights, Contested Truths,” and will provide the opportunity for IAMCR members to share a wide range of research and work.  The program of the conference includes over 32 topic areas and working groups, in addition to pre- and post-conference scientific activities, and a wide range of cultural activities.

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8 jul to 17 jul 2019

Tartu, Estonia

The ECREA European Media and Communication Doctoral Summer School 2019

The summer school aims to provide a supportive international setting where doctoral students can present their ongoing work, receive feedback on their PhD-projects from international experts and meet students and academics from other countries, establishing valuable contacts for the future.

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12 jul to 14 jul 2019

Sheffield, UK

UKLA 55th International Conference 2019

Theme of conference. Literacy and Play for All: Improvisation, possibility and imagination.

12 jul to 12 jul 2019

Madrid, Spain

The IAMCR 2019 post-conference Communication and Culture Digital Platforms

This IAMCR 2019 post-conference aims to bring together insights from scholars all over the world working on the current presence of the online communication and cultural platforms.

For more information:

Audiovisual Diversity research group, Carlos III University of Madrid (Spain) Laboratoire d’excellence Industries culturelles & création artistique – LabEx ICCA, (France) IAMCR’s Political Economy Section


12 jul to 15 jul 2019

Brno, Czech Republic

25th International Conference of the International Association for Intercultural Communication Studies (IAICS)

The 25th International Conference of the International Association for Intercultural Communication Studies Is taking place at Masaryk University in Brno, Czech Republic, 12–15 July 2019.
The conference explores the theme: East/West: New Divisions, New Connections in a Populist Political Reality.

For more information:

International Association for Intercultural Communication Studies (IAICS)



12 jul to 12 jul 2019

Segovia , Spain

Mobile Socialities IAMCR Post conference

IAMCR Post Conference: The Audiences Section of IAMCR is organising a one day post-conference on the concept of Mobile Socialities.

For more information:

The Audiences Section of IAMCR: Annette Hill, Peter Lunt, Miguel Vicente, Asta Zelenkauskaite


15 jul to 16 jul 2019

Verona, Italy

Storytelling and the Body

Storytelling & the Body : An Inclusive Interdisciplinary Project
The event proposes to step outside the traditional conference setting and offer opportunities for artists, photographers, practitioners, theorists, independent scholars, academics, performers, writers, and others to intermingle, providing platforms for interdisciplinary interactions that are fruitful and conducive to broadening horizons and sparking future projects, collaborations, and connections.

The organisers welcome proposals for presentations, displays, exhibits, round tables, panels, interactive workshops and other activities to stimulate engagement and discussion on any aspect of the interplay between stories, bodies, barriers and borders.

16 jul to 19 jul 2019

Newcastle upon Tyne, UK


The conference theme this year is POWER AND THE MEDIA.  Scholars of media history have not just been concerned with analysis of the individuals, institutions and elites exerting control, but also with how the media has represented, perpetuated or challenged power structures. Taking place in the immediate aftermath of Britain’s planned exit from the European Union, the conference invites scholars and practitioners from all relevant disciplines to take part in a timely conversation about the relationship between power and the media, from the film and broadcasting industries and the press, to new media, social media and advertising.

For more information:

The International Association for Media and History

21 jul to 26 jul 2019

Ascona, Switzerland

FACTUM 19 – Fashion Communication Conference

The Conference
Hosted by the Congressi Stefano Franscini, conference platform of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology of Zurich, the Conference “Fashion communication: between tradition and future digital developments” is a major academic event, which aims to promote theoretical and empirical interdisciplinary work on how various communication practices impact upon fashion industry and on societal fashion-related practices and values. In particular, the relation between tradition and innovation, as well as the impact of new technologies, digital communication and the internet will be under scrutiny.

23 jul to 26 jul 2019

Aachen, Germany

IEEE International Professional Communication Conference

The conference theme is “Professional communication in a digitalized world”. ProComm 2019 will examine the role of professional communication in the context of fast changing industrial branches and markets.

For more information:

IEEE/RWTH Aachen University, Germany


4 aug to 7 aug 2019

Copenhagen, Denmark

The 18th Nordic Literacy Conference & the 21st European Conference on Literacy

The 18th Nordic Literacy Conference & the 21st European Conference on Literacy under the heading of Learning from the Past for the Future: Literacy for All.

For more information:

The Danish Reading Association (LL)


7 aug to 9 aug 2019

Kyoto, Japan

DiGRA 2019: Game, Play and the Emerging Ludo Mix

DiGRA 2019 invites contributors to consider the possibility of ‘ludo mix’ where games and play increasingly occupy the focal point of such a diversified distribution and consumption model. Ludo mixes may include several versions of a game or several different games together with other content thus resulting in novel media ecologies, business models, and development and consumption cultures.

For more information:

DiGRA (Digital Games Research Association)



7 aug to 10 aug 2019

Toronto, Canada

AEJMC/ The 102nd Annual Conference “Investing in Our Futures”

Join AEJMC, in Toronto, Canada at the 102nd Annual Conference,“Investing in Our Futures”, August 7-10, 2019, (Pre-conference day: August 6),PAPER CALL DEADLINE: APRIL 1

For more information:

The Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (AEJMC)


8 aug to 17 aug 2019

Tartu, Estonia

The ECREA European Media and Communication Doctoral Summer School 2019

The main emphasis of this summer school is not on a particular theme, but on providing structural and individuated PhD-support for young European scholars, through a variety of working forms, including feedback seminars, workshops, and lectures. The summer school aims to provide a supportive international setting where doctoral students can present their ongoing work, receive feedback on their PhD-projects from international experts and meet students and academics from other countries, establishing valuable contacts for the future.