Nordicom presenterar aktuella konferenser. Såväl internationella som nordiska och nationella konferenser ingår. Den nordiska konferensen, NordMedia, har en egen sida.

Kontakta gärna Karin Hellingwerf med information om aktuella konferenser inom medie- och kommunikationsområdet.

14 aug to 16 aug 2019

Aalborg, Denmark

2nd International and Interdisciplinary Conference on Discourse and Communication in Professional Contexts

We have seen an upsurge in research into organizational communication, PR communication, corporate communication, branding communication etc. Whereas this voluminous strand of research has delved ever deeper into the instrumental nature of organizational/corporate communication, little attention, outside organizational discourse studies, has been devoted to examining what happens when we allow organizational/corporate communication to constitute the reality in which we live. This conference explores our understanding of what dark side communication activities ‘are’ and what they ‘do’ in or with reference to organizational contexts.   

For more information:

The Department of Culture and Global Studies, Aalborg University.


19 aug to 20 aug 2019

Malmö, Sweden

Nordmedia 2019/PhD Student Preconference

The NordMedia organizing committee, FSMK (The Swedish Association for Media and Communication Research) and NORDICOM cordially invite PhD students to submit paper proposals for the NordMedia 2019 PhD student preconference.

19 aug to 20 aug 2019

Helsinki, Finland

Emotions, Populism and Polarised Politics, Media and Culture Conference August 2019

The conference seeks to address different issues from both theoretical and empirical perspectives, especially those exploring the intersection of different positionalities and challenging bounded national contexts. Some indicative themes are:

  • Populism and social movements
  • Radical democracy
  • Subjectivity, affects and gender
  • Politics, polarization, hybrid media
  • Cultural populism and politics

For more information:

Mainstreaming Populism in the 21st Century (MaPo),and Whirl of Knowledge: Cultural Populism in European Polarised Politics and Societies (WhiKnow)


21 aug to 23 aug 2019

Malmö, Sweden

NordMedia 2019

In an increasingly interconnected and accelerated world, our academic field offers significant opportunities to grapple with shifting and often contentious media and communication landscapes. With these opportunities comes a charge for responsible research and reporting of results, as scholars make their work public through their teaching, publishing, and engagement in the world beyond the academy. Are we living up to this charge? Do our current approaches work? How might we work both responsibly and creatively?

The NordMedia 2019 conference will be open for abstract submissions at the beginning of January 2019. The deadline for abstract submission is February 28th, 2019. At the end of March, the chairs of the divisions/working groups will have made their decision and an acceptance or rejection letter will be sent by email. The deadline for full papers and long abstracts is June 30th.

26 aug to 28 aug 2019

Wenzhou-KEAN University, China

The 6th Multidisciplinary International Social Networks Conference

The 6th Multidisciplinary International Social Networks Conference.The conference brings together researchers and developers from industry and academia to discuss and conduct multidisciplinary social networks research.

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28 aug to 30 aug 2019

Cape Town, South Africa


This year’s theme looks at the positions of media producers and users as being inside or outside media systems; from being inside the echo chamber to being shut out by censorship; from speaking as an inside whistleblower to being left outside the frame. Who has and who controls access to creative technologies and distribution? Who speaks, who is being followed, who is being listened to and whose voices are being amplified? What is heard on air, or edited out? How does one’s position (either inside or outside) make one vulnerable, empowered, educated or misinformed?

For more information:

SACOM/ South African Communications Association (SACOMM)


28 aug to 30 aug 2019

Bifröst (Borgarbyggð municipality) , Iceland

The 9th Nordic Conference on Cultural Policy Research (NCCPR) 2019

The theme of the conference is cultural peripheries and it focuses on questions concerning marginal culture, definitional boundaries of cultural policy research, and fringes in cultural politics.  

For more information:

Bifröst University


30 aug to 1 sep 2019

New York City, USA

CMCS 8th International Conference Bridging Gaps: Re-Fashioning Stories for Celebrity Counterpublics

The format of the conference aims at being open and inclusive of interdisciplinary academic scholars and practitioners involved in all areas of celebrity culture, fandom, fashion, and journalism.  The conference combines paper presentations, workshop panels, roundtables, slideshows, and interviews that aim to bridge gaps in celebrity activism, persona branding, and fashion education. Working papers, media productions, and personal stories will be considered for the conference.

Extended versions of selected best papers will be published in an edited book.

For more information:

CMCS/The Centre for Media and Celebrity Studies


4 sep to 6 sep 2019

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Visual Cultures & Communication: Images and Practices on the Move

This conference, discusses the roles of images for visual analysis by focusing on images on the move. This entails work on images capturing movement of unfolding events, images themselves moving in time, space, and across media, as well as the theoretical and analytical approaches that are on the move. How should we work with images and practices on the move?

For more information:

The ECREA Temporary Working Group on Visual Cultures, in collaboration with the Visual Studies Lab at Tampere University and the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia.


4 sep to 6 sep 2019

Chemniz, Germany

The 11th Conference of the Media Psychology Division of the German Psychological Society

National and international Researchers from all areas of media psychology as well as associated disciplines are invited. We welcome contributions on a broad range of topics that demonstrate the importance and impact of ‘the media’ in its various forms.
The conference will be held in English.

For more information:

The German Psychological Society (DGPs)


11 sep to 12 sep 2019

Bucharest, Romania

Understanding Transition conferences

This international conference is an opportunity for experienced researchers, young researchers and PhD students to share their scientific work in an interdisciplinary context and to take part in the debates over various approaches and case studies related to dialogic turn, participatory democracy, and the latest forms of citizen engagement and mobilization. Presentations based on empirical research and on sound theoretical approaches are invited for the 7th edition of Understanding Transition (Voices of the voiceless: New challenges of mobilization and citizen engagement) conference.

For more information:

FJSC (University of Bucharest) and the Lumière University Lyon 2



11 sep to 13 sep 2019

Vienna, Austria

ECREA Communication History Section Workshop 2019

For this workshop, the ECREA Communication History Section invites scholarly presentations to shed light on political communication that fosters populist and radical politics in a historical perspective and across various political and cultural settings in Europe and beyond, to learn from the past for contemporary challenges.

For more information:

ECREA Communication History Section


12 sep to 13 sep 2019

Poznań, Poand

ECREA'S Political Communication Section interim conference

Transforming Communication – Old and New Borders

How can the mechanisms of using political communication for building or tearing down borders be described theoretically and empirically, referring to examples from the present and the past? Which kinds of communicative tools and strategies do different political actors use to build or tear down borders? Which transnational, cross-border patterns of such forms of political communication do we find around the world? Which contextual conditions favor or hinder the use of political communication for building or tearing down borders? Which methods do we need to investigate questions like these?

For more information:

ECREA Political Communication Section



12 sep to 13 sep 2019

Cardiff, UK

Future of Journalism 2019

The Call for Papers for the seventh Future of Journalism conference in September 2019 has opened. The conference will this year focus upon the theme “Innovations, Transitions and Transformations”. Contributions on all aspects of journalism are welcomed along with those addressing the conference theme being particularly encouraged.

For more information:

Cardiff University's School of Journalism, Media and Culture (JOMEC)


12 sep to 13 sep 2019

Poznań, Poland

ECREA Political Communication Section Interim Conference

How can the mechanisms of using political communication for building or tearing down borders be described theoretically and empirically, referring to examples from the present and the past? Which kinds of communicative tools and strategies do different political actors use to build or tear down borders? Which transnational, cross-border patterns of such forms of political communication do we find around the world? Which contextual conditions favor or hinder the use of political communication for building or tearing down borders? Which methods do we need to investigate questions like these?

For more information:

The Political Communication Section of ECREA


12 sep to 13 sep 2019

Bremen, Germany

Data Power 2019

The conference focuses on critical questions about data’s power, reflecting on the social and cultural consequences of data becoming increasingly pervasive in our lives. With its critical approach towards datafication in relation to power in a wide variety of areas, the conference will focus on dialogues between Global North and Global South perspectives.

For more information:

ZeMKI, Centre for Media, Communication and Information Research, University of Bremen in cooperation with the Universities of Carleton (Canada) and Sheffield (UK).


14 sep to 16 sep 2019

Tokyo, Japan

The 3rd International Interdisciplinary Symposium on the Quantitative Analysis of Textual Data

The conference aims to facilitate the knowledge exchange between social scientists and computer scientists who address social, political or economic issues through the analysis of textual data by employing quantitative methods. It also features multi-lingual analysis of textual data to promote the methodology beyond the English language. In this, the symposium will be the first of its kind in Japan.

For more information:

POLTEXT 2019 will be hosted by the Institute for Advanced Study, Waseda University



16 sep to 17 sep 2019

Loughborough , UK

Fifth Conference of the International Journal of Press/Politics

The Centre for Research in Communication and Culture at Loughborough University (United Kingdom) will host the fifth conference of the International Journal of Press/Politics, focused on academic research on the relation between media and political processes around the world. Professor Stuart Soroka from the University of Michigan will deliver a keynote lecture.

For more information:

The conference is organized by Cristian Vaccari (Loughborough University, Editor-in-Chief of IJPP).



17 sep to 18 sep 2019

Milan, Italy

The International Circulation of National Cinemas and Audiovisual Content

The Challenge of Convergence and Multiplatform Distribution in the European Context

Possible proposals are invited in (but not limited to) the four main following areas: The challenges and opportunities of film distribution: from film festivals to the movie theaters crisis; National cinemas and transnational circulation; Circulation practices and new technologies: OTT platforms, streaming and on-demand offerings, informal and piracy practices of video consumption; European series and their global visibility and success.

For more information:

Conference organized by Massimo Scaglioni (Catholic University of Milan), Emiliano Morreale (Sapienza University of Roma), Paolo Noto (University of Bologna)


18 sep to 20 sep 2019

Sundsvall , Sverige

Journalism from above

The research centre Demicom at Mid Sweden University invites scholars to a workshop where we will discuss drones in relation to the media and journalism from social, cultural, historical, technological, professional, ethical and other perspectives. The workshop is expected to lead to one or several peer-reviewed joint publications. The deadline to submit a 1000-word extended abstract is June 15, 2019! 

For more information: