Nordicom presenterar aktuella konferenser. Såväl internationella som nordiska och nationella konferenser ingår. Den nordiska konferensen, NordMedia, har en egen sida.

Kontakta gärna Karin Hellingwerf med information om aktuella konferenser inom medie- och kommunikationsområdet.

23 maj to 24 maj 2019

Barcelona, Spain

CHINED VII (7th edition of the Conference on Historical News Discourse)

Researchers interested in the linguistic and historical aspects of news through time, from 1500 to 1945, are invited to submit their proposals on news discourse and the various aspects and topics involved in the production and reception of news.

24 maj to 25 maj 2019

Athens, Greece

Conference on Children’s Online Worlds, Digital Media and Digital Literacy

TWG Children Youth Media-Athens Conference, ECREA- TWG Children, Youth, Media.

For more information:

Department of Communication and Media Studies, School of Economics and Political Science, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (NKUA)


24 maj to 26 maj 2019

Tokyo, Japan

The Asian Conference on Cultural Studies 2019

Conference Theme: "Reclaiming the Future" The organisers encourage submissions that approach the conference theme from a variety of perspectives. However, the submission of other topics for consideration is welcome and we also encourage sessions within and across a variety of interdisciplinary and theoretical perspectives.

For more information:

The International Academic Forum (IAFOR)


24 maj to 28 maj 2019

Washington DC, USA

The ICA Conference 2019, Communication Beyond Boundaries

The ICA 2019 conference theme of Communication Beyond Boundaries aims for an understanding of the role of communication and media in the crossing of social, political and cultural boundaries that characterize contemporary society, and encourages research that crosses the boundaries of research domains, of particular fields of research interest, and of academia and the outside world.

For more information:



24 maj to 26 maj 2019

Tokyo, Japan

IAFOR > The Asian Conference on Cultural Studies

Conference Theme: "Reclaiming the Future"

The conference theme for ACCS is "Reclaiming the Future", and the organisers encourage submissions that approach this theme from a variety of perspectives. However, the submission of other topics for consideration is welcome and we also encourage sessions across a variety of interdisciplinary and theoretical perspectives.

For more information:

The International Academic Forum (IAFOR)


27 maj to 31 maj 2019

Dubrovnik, Croatia

24th Annual International Conference on Information Technology and Journalism

Bubble Society and the Death of the Public Sphere

The workshop focuses on alleged dissolution of the public sphere, encouraged by the rise of
the ‘bubble logic’. We are particularly interested to discuss if and how digital technologies,
along with traditional media, dismantle public sphere and polarize the electorate.

For more information:

Faculty of Political Science, University of Zagreb (http://fpzg.hr/) and InMed Institute (http://www.edemokracija.hr/).



30 maj to 1 jun 2019

New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

2019 Cultural Studies Association (CSA) Conference

The Cultural Studies Association (CSA) invites proposals for participation in its seventeenth annual meeting. Proposals on all topics relevant to cultural studies will be considered, with priority given to proposals that engage this year's highlighted theme. Membership of the CSA is not required to apply for this year’s conference, but membership is required in order to present at the conference.

For more information:

The Cultural Studies Association (CSA)


3 jun to 4 jun 2019

University of Oxford, UK

International Conference on Social Media

Theme: Socio-ethical Implication of Technology in an era of ‘hard’ AI. The aim of the Social Media 2019 is to encourage participation and promotion of collaborative scientific, industrial and academic inter-workings among individual researchers, practitioners, members of existing associations, academia, standardisation bodies, and including government departments and agencies. The purpose is to build bridges between academia and industry, and to encourage interplay of different cultures.

Social Media 2019 is co-located with other conferences as part of Cyber Science 2019.

For more information:

IEEE, United Kingdom and Ireland/Centre for Multidisciplinary Research, Innovation and Collaboration,


3 jun to 7 jun 2019

Vienna, Austria

9th International Conference on C&T - Transforming Communities

In the light of the conference theme "Transforming Communities", topics appropriate for submission to this conference are myriad. They may emerge from a variety of relevant perspectives including philosophy, social sciences, design, business, art, the humanities, etc

3 jun to 4 jun 2019

Nottingham, UK

Transnational Radical Film Cultures: An International Conference on Film, Aesthetics and Politics

Bringing together filmmakers and researchers, the conference hopes to create new and consolidate existing connections and networks, facilitate transnational and cross-cultural dialogues, and forge global solidarity among radical filmmakers around the world. 

For more information:

Hongwei Bao (Department of Cultural, Media and Visual Studies) Daniel Mutibwa (Department of Cultural, Media and Visual Studies)


5 jun to 7 jun 2019

Birmingham, UK

Culture Costume and Dress: Regarding Fashionable Society

This year’s conference will explore the role of dress in fashionable society, whether that is through fashion itself, or as an expression of society in history, literature, and other fields.

5 jun to 7 jun 2019

Limassol, Cyprus

2019 Annual Conference of the European Media Management Association (emma)

Digital technology and changing consumption habits are driving media organisations to gain more insights into their audiences. At the same time, they are required to identify sustainable revenue models while also creating innovative content on different platforms to offer audiences compelling experiences. At times like these, a call for more actionable approaches by media management scholars and practitioners can contribute to our comprehension of the aforementioned disruptions.

For more information:

European Media Management Association (emma)


5 jun to 6 jun 2019

Leuven, Belgium

Media & Learning 2019

The Media & Learning Conference will combine formal and informal discussion opportunities along with inspiring presentations, practical demonstrations and hands-on workshop opportunities. The organisers plan to utilise a range of innovative as well as traditional techniques to maximise the participation of each and every participant making sure everyone leaves the conference inspired with new ideas and armed with useful information.

For more information:

Media & Learning


6 jun to 7 jun 2019

London, UK

CMCI Emerging Voices 2019: “Beyond Disciplines”

This year’s conference celebrates new and emerging directions in the research of culture, media and creative industries that challenge how we understand and see technological, environmental, political, institutional and aesthetic developments that are shaping our cultural landscape.

For more information:

Department of Culture, Media and Creative Industries (CMCI)


6 jun to 7 jun 2019

University of Central Lancashire, Preston, UK

The 8th Annual Korean Screen Cultures Conference (KSCC 2019)

The annual Korean Screen Culture Conference (KSCC) is dedicated to exploring all aspects of  Korean screen culture, including: television, K-pop, internet, computer gaming, webtoons, and film from both North and South Korea.

6 jun to 7 jun 2019

London, UK

Digital Diasporas Interdisciplinary Perspectives

The Digital Diasporas international conference will take place in London on Thursday 6 and Friday 7 June 2019. Bringing together leading researchers from across disciplinary boundaries, the conference will explore the relationship between digital technologies and diasporic communities, with particular attention to linguistic and cultural diversity.

For more information:

Institute of Modern Languages Research and Digital Humanities at the School of Advanced Study


11 jun to 14 jun 2019

Helsinki, Finland

Eth­no­graphy of Com­mu­nic­a­tion and In­ter­dis­cip­lin­ary Moves

The theoretical-methodological approach of Ethnography of Communication is a particular way to study culture, communication and interaction. It lives in and nourishes multiple languages and countries and pulls on different academic communities. The conference has a two-fold structure: (1) Invited workshops and paper presentations will explore the ways in which Ethnography of Communication relates in particular with language ideology, folklore studies, and media ethnography, and (2) competitively selected individual papers and panels will present recent research and other works on the Ethnography of Communication. Professor Emeritus Robert Craig (University of Colorado, Boulder) will present the keynote.

11 jun to 12 jun 2019

Copenhagen, Denmark

ICSMPC 2019: 21st International Conference on Social Media and Political Communications

ICSMPC 2019: 21st International Conference on Social Media and Political Communications aims to bring together leading academic scientists, researchers and research scholars to exchange and share their experiences and research results on all aspects of Social Media and Political Communications.

For more information:

The International Research Conferenc


13 jun to 14 jun 2019

Brighton, UK

6th European Conference on Social Media

The European Conference on Social Media was established 6 years ago. The conference has attracted participants from more than 40 countries and been attended by a combination of academic scholars, public sector workers, practitioners and individuals who are engaged in various aspects of the social media industry. A number of journals are selecting papers from the conference for further development and publication.

For more information:

ECSM 2019 organising committee/University of Brighton


13 jun to 13 jun 2019

London, UK

Moving Media Memory History PGR Conference 2019

The kaleidoscope of different media, memories and histories influences the remembering, forgetting and archiving of events and processes, and is therefore constantly shaping and reshaping individual and collective identities. This PGR conference will address the underlying power structures of the relationship between the three ever-evolving fields by foregrounding interdisciplinary research that crosses the boundaries separating them.