Här hittar du avslutade konferenser. Arkivet går cirka ett år tillbaka i tiden.

16 jul to 16 jul 2019

Bath, UK

Digital Ecologies II: Fiction Machines, a one day international symposium

In the symposium we ask how fictional methods are being employed to rethink and renegotiate our relationship with current and future technologies; how such methods can be used from activist and political perspectives; how they can address and critique post-truth conditions; how they can reveal forgotten histories and non-human perspectives; and how they can be used to speculate on, and design, new futures.

16 jul to 19 jul 2019

Newcastle upon Tyne, UK


The conference theme this year is POWER AND THE MEDIA.  Scholars of media history have not just been concerned with analysis of the individuals, institutions and elites exerting control, but also with how the media has represented, perpetuated or challenged power structures. Taking place in the immediate aftermath of Britain’s planned exit from the European Union, the conference invites scholars and practitioners from all relevant disciplines to take part in a timely conversation about the relationship between power and the media, from the film and broadcasting industries and the press, to new media, social media and advertising.

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The International Association for Media and History

15 jul to 16 jul 2019

Verona, Italy

Storytelling and the Body

Storytelling & the Body : An Inclusive Interdisciplinary Project
The event proposes to step outside the traditional conference setting and offer opportunities for artists, photographers, practitioners, theorists, independent scholars, academics, performers, writers, and others to intermingle, providing platforms for interdisciplinary interactions that are fruitful and conducive to broadening horizons and sparking future projects, collaborations, and connections.

The organisers welcome proposals for presentations, displays, exhibits, round tables, panels, interactive workshops and other activities to stimulate engagement and discussion on any aspect of the interplay between stories, bodies, barriers and borders.

12 jul to 12 jul 2019

Madrid, Spain

The IAMCR 2019 post-conference Communication and Culture Digital Platforms

This IAMCR 2019 post-conference aims to bring together insights from scholars all over the world working on the current presence of the online communication and cultural platforms.

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Audiovisual Diversity research group, Carlos III University of Madrid (Spain) Laboratoire d’excellence Industries culturelles & création artistique – LabEx ICCA, (France) IAMCR’s Political Economy Section


12 jul to 12 jul 2019

Segovia, Spain

IAMCR post-conference event: Mobile Socialities

The themed post-conference critically examines the bridging concept of mobile socialities across international perspectives, ensuring dialogue on the connections between audience studies, mobilities and mobile communication research. Key questions include:

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The Audiences Section of IAMCR: Annette Hill, Peter Lunt, Miguel Vicente, Asta Zelenkauskaite


12 jul to 13 jul 2019

Brighton, UK

The 6th European Conference on Media, Communication & Film (EuroMedia2019)

Conference Theme: "Reclaiming the Future"  The European Conference on Media, Communication & Film 2019 (EuroMedia2019) will be held alongside The European Conference on Arts & Humanities 2019 (ECAH2019). Registration for either conference will allow delegates to attend sessions in the other.

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12 jul to 12 jul 2019

Segovia , Spain

Mobile Socialities IAMCR Post conference

IAMCR Post Conference: The Audiences Section of IAMCR is organising a one day post-conference on the concept of Mobile Socialities.

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The Audiences Section of IAMCR: Annette Hill, Peter Lunt, Miguel Vicente, Asta Zelenkauskaite


12 jul to 15 jul 2019

Brno, Czech Republic

25th International Conference of the International Association for Intercultural Communication Studies (IAICS)

The 25th International Conference of the International Association for Intercultural Communication Studies Is taking place at Masaryk University in Brno, Czech Republic, 12–15 July 2019.
The conference explores the theme: East/West: New Divisions, New Connections in a Populist Political Reality.

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International Association for Intercultural Communication Studies (IAICS)



12 jul to 14 jul 2019

Sheffield, UK

UKLA 55th International Conference 2019

Theme of conference. Literacy and Play for All: Improvisation, possibility and imagination.

10 jul to 11 jul 2019

London, UK

Global Conference for Media Freedom

The Global Conference for Media Freedom is part of an international campaign to shine a global spotlight on media freedom and increase the cost to those that are attempting to restrict it. It will bring together global leaders and representatives from the media industry, journalists, civil society and academia.

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Foreign & Commonwealth Office (The UK and Canadian governments )


8 jul to 17 jul 2019

Tartu, Estonia

The ECREA European Media and Communication Doctoral Summer School 2019

The summer school aims to provide a supportive international setting where doctoral students can present their ongoing work, receive feedback on their PhD-projects from international experts and meet students and academics from other countries, establishing valuable contacts for the future.

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7 jul to 11 jul 2019

Madrid, Spain

IAMCR Madrid 2019

The conference theme in Madrid will be "Communication, Technology and Human Dignity: Disputed Rights, Contested Truths,” and will provide the opportunity for IAMCR members to share a wide range of research and work.  The program of the conference includes over 32 topic areas and working groups, in addition to pre- and post-conference scientific activities, and a wide range of cultural activities.

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