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1 nov to 2 nov 2019

Bonn, Germany

ECREA Mediatization Section mid-term conference

This conference will be organized in cooperation with the “Philosophy of Communication” section. The main theme of this meeting will be "Datafication, Mediatization, and the Machine Age" . Apart from the regular presentations, a public round table with colleagues from the “Social Robot Lab” at the University of Bonn and a workshop for PhD students are planned.

For more information:

ECREA Mediatization Section


30 okt to 31 okt 2019

Brussels, Belgium

Digital Fortress Europe Exploring Boundaries between Media, Migration and Technology

The thematic focus of this conference is on media, migration and technology and all their possible linkages and intersections. While significant attention goes to digital technologies and social media, the organizers do aim for a broad focus that also includes traditional media, and aspects of media production, organization, consumption, representation and policy.

For more information:

the European Communication Research & Education Association’s (ECREA) Diaspora, Migration & the Media (DMM) section in collaboration with the ECREA’s International & Intercultural Communication (IIC) section, the Young Scholars Network of ECREA (YECREA),


25 okt to 26 okt 2019

Dubrovnik, Croatia

14th Dubrovnik Media Days International scientific conference

New media formats: Television

University of Dubrovnik, Department of Mass Communication would like to invite you to participate in the Dubrovnik Media Days (DMD) that will take place on October 25-26, 2019 at the University of Dubrovnik.

Call for papers: http://www.unidu.hr/datoteke/9874/Call_for_Papers.pdf


For more information:

University of Dubrovnik, Department of Mass Communication

Ivan Tanta: ivan.tanta@net.hr Davor Pauković: davor.paukovic@unidu.hr


24 okt to 25 okt 2019

Groningen, The Netherlands

Biannual conference of ECREA Television Studies Section “The Youthification of Television and Screen Culture

The conference has as its key goal to overcome ‘narrow’ definitions of the medium television, inviting reflections from wider and intersectional perspectives studying the medium’s production, reception and/or cross-platform programming in different European contexts.

For more information:

Television Studies Section of ECREA (European Communication Research and Education Association)


24 okt to 25 okt 2019

Helsinki, Finland

Com­mu­nic­a­tion Rights in the Digital Age

The rights-based perspective on ethical and political questions presented by the new digital media has recently regained attention in academic and political debates. This conference will address the interplay of national and global (universal and specific) characteristics of communication rights: What are some definitions of communication rights? Who are the policy and other actors defining these rights? What are current core issues or cases that pertain to communication rights?

For more information:

Helsinki Media Policy Research Group, the University of Helsinki, the ECREA Communication Law and Policy Section and the Euromedia Research Group


24 okt to 25 okt 2019

Helsinki, Finland

Nordic Archive and Research Conference 2019

The biennial Nordic Archive and Research Conference brings together media archivists, librarians and journalists to share knowledge and discuss current topics in the fields of archives and research.The focus of the conference is research and the use of archives in journalistic work.

For more information:

The Finnish Broadcasting Company (YLE)



22 okt to 24 okt 2019

Dublin, Ireland

International Conference on Information Society

The mission of i-Society 2019 conference is to provide opportunities for collaboration of professionals and researchers to share existing and generate new knowledge in the field of information society. The conference encapsulates the concept of interdisciplinary science that studies the societal and technological dimensions of knowledge evolution in digital society and intelligent systems.

For more information:

i-Society 2019



21 okt to 22 okt 2019

Helsinki, Finland

Infrastructures and Inequalities: Media industries, digital cultures and politics

This joint-ECREA section conference, seeks to examine digital/media infrastructures and inequalities from an inter- and multi-disciplinary perspective, inviting papers to interrogate the significance of the ‘infrastructural turn’ in media and communication studies to our understanding of media industries, democracy and digital cultures.

For more information:

ECREA Sections: Communication and Democracy; Digital Culture and Communication; and Media Industries and Cultural Production



18 okt to 19 okt 2019

Ghent, Belgium

Research Methods in Film Studies: Challenges and Opportunities

Aiming to explore a wide range of approaches, this conference invites contributions that engage with current methodological challenges and opportunities in Film Studies.  Abstracts are invited on topics related to research methods in Film Studies.

For more information:

Gertjan Willems (University of Antwerp/Ghent University), Sergio Villanueva Baselga (Universitat de Barcelona), Mariana Liz (University of Lisbon)


18 okt to 20 okt 2019

Budapest, Hungary

World Conference on Social Sciences

The conference is seeking submissions related to the following conference topics: Society and Sociology, Communication, Politics, Law, Humanities and Culture Studies and Education . Other related topics will also be considered.

7 okt to 9 okt 2019

Göteborg, Sweden

g19 Swedish Conference for Gender Research

g19 – the biennial Swedish conference for gender studies, titled Rethinking Knowledge Regimes. The conference seeks to bring together the broad and interdisciplinary field that constitutes gender studies in Sweden today.  The conference aims at stimulating cooperation among researchers from various academic disciplines and targets scholars, students, practitioners and activists.

For more information:

Nationella sekretariatet för genusforskning


4 okt to 6 okt 2019

Doha, Qatar

IMMAA Conference - Qatar 2019

Research topics: - Value Creation and Business Models - Disruption and Innovation in Media Markets - Impact of latest Trends and Technologies - Emerging Media Markets - Media Entrepreneurship and Small Companies - Venture Capital, Crowdfunding and Media Financing - Cooperation and Competition in Media Markets - Media Audience and Research Metrics - Media Business Research Methods


For more information:

IMMAA (International Media Management Academic Association)/Northern University Qatar


3 okt to 4 okt 2019

Odense, Denmark

13th European Conference on Games Based Learning

ECGBL is generally attended by participants from more than 40 countries and attracts an interesting combination of academic scholars, practitioners, game designers and individuals who are engaged in various aspects of games-based learning and serious games. Among other journals, the Electronic Journal of e-Learning publishes a special edition of the best papers presented at this conference.

For more information:

ECGBL,The University of Southern Denmark


3 okt to 5 okt 2019

Leeds, UK

Crisis6 2019 – Innovations in Risk & Crisis Communication

We are looking for an exploration of new approaches to theory, methodology, education and training, practice, as well as the intersection of technology in the context of risk and crisis. We are looking for cross-disciplinary work with communication, journalism, business, marketing, health, law politics, policing, cross-cultural research, education and training. We are inviting you to think about where the field has been and where it is can and should go. We would especially invite our practitioners to share their own experiences and best practices so that we can all learn from each other.

For more information:

ECREA Crisis Communication Section


3 okt to 5 okt 2019

Leeds, UK

The 6th International Crisis Communication Conference in 2019

2019 Conference Theme: Innovations in the Field of Risk & Crisis Communication. The deadline for abstract submission is 15 April, 2019 with notifications sent on or about 15 May, 2019.

For more information:

ECREA Crisis Communication Section


30 sep to 2 okt 2019

Aarhus, Denmark

EURONOIR - Producers, distributors and audiences of European crime narratives

The organizers invite speakers to present work on the production, distribution and reception of explicitly transnational European crime narratives as well as more local strands of European crime narratives production, distribution and reception. This includes significant market players and institutions in/across Europe, transcontinental creative and culture industrial processes and practices as well as more locally and regionally successful and less successful crime narratives.  

For more information:

Department of Culture and Global Studies at Aalborg University and the Horizon 2020 research project DETECt: Detecting Transcultural Identity in European Popular Crime Narratives. It is co-financed by Aalborg University, Aarhus University and University


26 sep to 28 sep 2019

Bonn, Germany

Fourth International Conference on Communication & Media Studies

The Fourth International Conference on Communication & Media Studies features research addressing the following annual themes:


For more information:

Communication & Media Studies Research Network/University of Bonn



25 sep to 27 sep 2019

Lisboa, Lisbon

The 10th Annual Small Cinemas Conference

‘Small Cinemas, Small Spaces’ aims to discuss matters of space in the cinemas of small nations, with regards to representation, the materiality and marketing of film locations, and film production, viewing and exhibition practices in peripheral film cultures. The event also wishes to bring together scholars exploring notions of space and scale in film, by considering what can be the small spaces of cinema, from early cinematic attractions to the recent dissemination of individual screens and broadcasting digital platforms.

For more information:

Mariana Liz, Pedro Figueiredo Neto, Inês Ponte (at ICS-ULisboa) and Filipa Rosário (at FLUL)


25 sep to 27 sep 2019

Lisbon, Portugal

The 10th Annual Small Cinemas Conference

On the topic of ‘Small Cinemas, Small Spaces’, the conference will be centered on issues of scale and spatiality in film, with the aim to explore the geographies of small cinemas. The call for papers is open for individual presentations of maximum 20 minutes, as well as for pre-constituted panels with a maximum of three presentations each. Proposals should be submitted via email to smallcinemas@ics.ulisboa.pt by Friday 1 March 2019, and include a title, an abstract of maximum 250 words, and a short bio note. The conference’s languages will be English and Portuguese.

24 sep to 26 sep 2019

Göteborg, Sweden

UNESCO Global Media and Information Literacy Feature Conference 2019

The global conference will provide a forum for exchange of ideas, new influences and inspiration to a great variety of participants such as experts, academics, and other civil society actors and practitioners of MIL.

Global MIL Week Feature Conference 2019 will address the concept of MIL Citizens and how MIL can contribute to improving the levels of information, engagement, and empowerment for all. By highlighting these issues, we can progress towards the objectives of open and pluralistic information systems, promoting sustainable development, inclusion, equality, intercultural dialogue, and safeguarding democracy.


For more information:

Region Västra Götaland together with the Swedish National Commission for UNESCO.