Public service

NEWS | 17 Jan 2017

Financing of Swedish public service should be investigated

The Swedish Government has assigned a parliamentary committee to review alternatives for public funding of the public service media. The inquiry will report by November 17, 2017.

NEWS | 17 Jan 2017

How should Norwegian public service be financed in the future?

The Norwegian Government has proposed a platform-neutral media fee for the future financing of NRK, the Norwegian public service company. It also suggests financial support to a single operator for broadcasting commercial public service television.

NEWS | 15 Nov 2016

Five future scenarios from the Danish Public Service Committee

On November 7, the Danish Public Service Committee published its report on public service in the new media reality. In it, they propose five future media scenarios that include both a disappearance of public service funding and a strengthening of the largest public service institution in Denmark, DR.

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