Nordic Network

Nordicom monitors developments in the media sectors of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden from a comparative perspective, with the purpose of documenting trends and changes in the Nordic media landscape.

A great deal of Nordic data is contributed by Nordicom's statistical network, a number of institutions who all produce national media statistics and provide national data and analysis in online databases and reports.


Danish Agency for Culture and Palaces

The annual "Media Development in Denmark Report" provides detailed analyses of the Danish media landscape. The first report was published in 2014. Extensive summaries available online in English (link on the Danish page). Link to the full reports in Danish.

Kasper Dalby,
Lykke Nordblom,
Anders Kauffeldt,
Kristina Hartlev Reseke

In the media area, the Agency handles a number of management and supervisory tasks in the field of radio and TV, including administration of broadcasting licenses, funding for local radio/TV production and public service value tests, etc.  On the pages regarding media you can find information on both printed and electronic media - current issues, media structure, advertising, legislation and more.


Statistics Finland

A large collection of tables on Finnish media is available online. The database also provides articles on the media development in different media sectors. Both statistics and articles are available in Finnish and English.

See also Statistic Finland's cultural statistics service including books, libraries, film, etc.

Contact media statistics:
Kaisa Saarenmaa,


Statistics Iceland

Comprehensive statistics on Icelandic media in Icelandic and English are available in Statistics Iceland’s online database.

Ragnar Karlsson,



Comprehensive statistics on Norwegian media in English and Norwegian are available in medianorway’s online database.

Nina Bjørnstad,
Martine Leknes,



The national Nordicom centre for Sweden. The core of the centre’s work is the gathering and processing of Swedish media statistics (Nordicom's table database), of which the results are published in several publications and online.

Nordicom-Sweden publishes the Swedish Media Barometer survey, an annual study of people's media use. More information and basic tables in English.



Nordic statistics and Nordic coordinator, Nordicom

Nordic media statistics in Nordicom's table database.
The publication series Nordic Media Trends.
The publication series A Nordic Public Service Media Map (1-3).
The newsletter Media Trends in the Nordic Countries.
Further reading: links to current reports on the media development

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