Factsheets on Nordic media

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Here you find Nordicom's factsheets on media in the Nordic region. In focus are media structure, media economy and media use.

The factsheets aim to describe media trends in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden in a comparative Nordic perspective. The first issues below highlight and comment on current media statistics from Nordicom. Further on, factsheets on where to find statistics on different media areas will follow. The factsheets are also available in Swedish.

The statistics are also available for download in Excel format in our table database.


Surveys of media habits in the Nordic countries

Factsheet 2021:5 (December)

Are you looking for statistics on media usage? This factsheet provides brief information about surveys on media habits and Internet use in the Nordic region. The focus is on regular surveys based on representative samples of the population. The factsheet describes the problem of comparing data from different surveys and countries, and suggests some European surveys with comparable data for several Nordic countries. The factsheet provides links where the statistics are available online. All links go to freely available statistics sources or reports.

Download factsheet 2021:5 (PDF 325 KB)


TV viewing in the Nordic countries in 2020

Factsheet 2021:4 (June)

This factsheet is about linear TV viewing, covering daily reach and viewing time, the largest TV channels and the main broadcasting companies in the Nordic region. It shows that the pandemic year 2020 slowed the ongoing downturn for linear TV, more people watched TV news, and among the elderly, the increase in TV viewing time was significant.

Download factsheet 2021: 4 (PDF 620 KB)

Media VAT in the Nordic countries – similarities and differences

Factsheet 2021: 3 (March)

This is a presentation of the indirect media support in the form of reduced value added tax (VAT) rates in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden, providing a current picture of the VAT rates for the media sectors laid down in the national VAT laws and links to statistics on VAT developments during 2000–2021.

Download factsheet 2021: 3 (PDF 326 KB)

Top 10 Nordic newspaper companies by revenue

Factsheet 2021: 2 (March)

This factsheet presents the leading newspaper companies in the Nordic newspaper markets, including information on domicile, ownership, number of newspapers and profit levels. The companies are ranked by revenue in 2019.

Download factsheet 2021: 2 (PDF 322KB)

Top 25 Nordic media companies by revenue

Factsheet 2021: 1 (March)

This factsheet lists the top 25 media companies with headquarters in the Nordic region, providing information on domicile, year of establishment, ownership, business areas, prominent brands, number of employees and profit levels. The companies are ranked by revenue in 2019.

Download factsheet 2021: 1 (PDF 421 KB)


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