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Smaken för nyheter

Author(s): Johan Lindell
Nordicom, 2018, 134 pages

Nordicom-Sveriges Mediebarometer 2017

Editor(s): Jonas Ohlsson
Nordicom Sverige, 2018, 112 pages

Media Innovations and Design in Cultural Institutions

Editor(s): Dagny Stuedahl, Vitus Vestergaard
Nordicom, 2018

What’s the Problem in Problem Gaming?

Editor(s): Jessica Enevold, Anne Mette Thorhauge, Andreas Gregersen
Nordicom, 2018, 123 pages

Public Service Media in the Networked Society

Editor(s): Gregory Ferrell Lowe, Hilde Van den Bulck, Karen Donders
Nordicom, 2018, 265 pages

Newspapers in the Nordic Media Landscape 2017

Editor(s): Eva Harrie
Nordicom, 2018, 124 pages

Freedom of Expression in the Digital Media Culture

Author(s): Ulla Carlsson, Lennart Weibull
Nordicom, 2018, 40 pages

Young & Creative

Editor(s): Ilana Eleá, Lothar Mikos
Nordicom, 2017, 230 pages

Beyond the Stereotypes?

Editor(s): Dafna Lemish, Maya Götz
Nordicom, 2017, 247 pages

Books on Screens

Author(s): Annika Bergström, Lars Höglund, Elena Maceviciute, Skans Kersti Nilsson, Birgitta Wallin, Thomas D. Wilson
Nordicom, 2017, 238 pages

Negotiating Journalism

Editor(s): Elsebeth Frey, Mofizur Rhaman, Hamida El Bour
Nordicom, 2017, 174 pages

Marknadsmässig kurragömmalek?

Editor(s): Ulf Dalquist, Ingela Wadbring
Nordicom Sverige, 2017, 84 pages

The Legacy of Peter Forsskål

Editor(s): Ulla Carlsson, David Goldberg
Nordicom, 2017, 149 pages

Medieutveckling 2017 - Medieutbud

Author(s): Ingela Wadbring, Maarit Jaakkola
Nordicom, 2017, 23 pages

Ad Wars

Author(s): Jonas Ohlsson, Ulrika Facht
Nordicom, 2017

Cultural Journalism in the Nordic Countries

Editor(s): Nete Nørgaard Kristensen, Kristina Riegert
Nordicom, 2017, 208 pages

Nordicom-Sveriges Mediebarometer 2016

Editor(s): Ingela Wadbring
Nordicom Sverige, 2017, 112 pages

The Assault on Journalism

Editor(s): Ulla Carlsson, Reeta Pöyhtäri
Nordicom, 2017, 378 pages