Nordicom Review: Jubilee Issue 2007

30 Jun 2007
150,00 kr

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Communication and Democracy

Helge Rønning

Broadcasting Regulation vs. Freedom of Expression and Editorial Independence. A Contradictory Relationship?

Martin Eide

Encircling the Power of Journalism

Kent Asp

Fairness, Informativeness and Scrutiny. The Role of News Media in Democracy

Jesper Strömbäck

Marketplace of Ideas and Marketplace of Money. A Study of Commercialism and the Swedish Election News Coverage in 1998 and 2002

Sigurd Allern

From Party Press to Independent Observers? An Analysis of Election Campaign Coverage Prior to the General Elections of 1981 and 2005 in Two Norwegian Newspapers

Structures and Practices

Monika Djerf-Pierre

The Gender of Journalism. The Structure and Logic of the Field in the Twentieth Century

Knut Helland

Changing Sports, Changing Media. Mass Appeal, the Sports/Media Complex and TV Sports Rights

Anker Brink Lund

Media Markets in Scandinavia. Political Economy Aspects of Convergence and Divergence

Ingela Wadbring

The Role of Free Dailies in a Segregated Society

Trine Syvertsen
Hallvard Moe

Media Institutions as a Research Field. Three Phases of Norwegian Broadcasting Research

Considering the Field

Jan Ekecrantz

Media and Communication Studies Going Global

Svennik Høyer

Reminiscence of Intellectual Battles. Bygone in Communications Research

Knut Lundby

Interdisciplinarity and Infrastructure. Mediation and Knotworking in Communication Research

Kaarle Nordenstreng

Discipline or Field? Soul-searching in Communication Research

Ulla Carlsson

Media and Mass Communication Research – Past, Present and Future. Reflections from a Nordic Horizon

The Authors