Nordicom Review 1/2006

13 Mar 2006
150,00 kr

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Martin Engebretsen

Shallow and Static or Deep and Dynamic? Studying the State of Online Journalism in Scandinavia

Peeter Vihalemm

Media Use in Estonia. Trends and Patterns

Göran Eriksson

Rethinking the Rethinking. The Problem of Generality in Qualitative Media Audience Research

Birgitte Mral

The Rhetorical State of Alert before the Iraq War 2003

Berit von der Lippe

Images of Victory – Images of Masculinity?

Tine Ustad Figenschou

Courting, Criticism, Censorship and Bombs. The Bush Administration’s Troubled Relations with al-Jazeera Channel from September 11 to the War in Iraq

Lars Nyre

Apologetic Media Research

Birgitta Höijer

Are We as Attentive to Method as We Should Be?

Current Research Projects

Espen Ytreberg
Trine Syvertsen

Participation and Play in Converging Media. Institutional Perspectives and Text-user Relations

Barbara Gentikow

New Media as ”Cultural Techniques” and as Forums for Communicative Action Empirical Research and Constituents of a Theory

Anna Sparrman

Young People’s Consumption of Visual Culture. Collector Gadgets, Sexuality and Democracy

Tom Moring

European Public Sphere(s). Uniting and Dividing

Richard Raskin

Cinematic Representations of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict. A Statement of Intentions

New Litterature