Upcoming issue

The theme of next issue of Nordicom Information (2:2018) will be the Nordics – the Nordic countries as a media environment.

We are warmly welcoming suggestions for articles and authors. Please contact the editor Maarit Jaakkola: maarit.jaakkola@nordicom.gu.se

The issue will be published in December. The theme will be released in August. Follow Nordicom on Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/nordicomnews) or Instagram (@nordicom_pics).

The newest issue of the journal Nordicom Information (1:2018) takes a look at openness in media and communication. It is asked what openness actually means - theoretically, in practice, and concretely. Read about open science, open data, open access, open licences and openness in social media here.

Nordicom Information is an academic journal with a Nordic focus for all who are interested in media and communication (read more about the aims and scope). The articles are written upon invitation but suggestions for topics and authors are warmly welcome. The articles will be written in English and in Scandinavian languages.

For more information, please contact the editor Maarit Jaakkola: maarit.jaakkola@nordicom.gu.se, Instagram @nordicominformation, Twitter @maaritjii.