The Media for Democracy Monitor

A Cross National Study of Leading News Media

To what extent do the structures and conduct of leading news media correspond with their specific democratic role? Authors from 10 countries provide empirical evidence based on the 26 indicators included in the Media for Democracy Monitor.

This book addresses, on the one hand, the academic community with the intention to further the debate on the role of leading mass media within contemporary democracies. New developments such as social media and the ongoing media crisis in many countries are likely to require further observation by academic research. On the other hand, the book provides input for the debate going on within media professional circles and their own perception of the role the news media play in democratic societies. The findings expose the leading news media to criticism from different perspectives, but they may also encourage media professionals to study best business practices in other countries – and perhaps to learn from experience abroad. Studying practices in other countries may cause longstanding newsroom habits to be questioned and revised.



Josef Trappel
Hannu Nieminen
Lars Nord

Why Democracy Needs Media Monitoring

Josef Trappel

Indicators and Definitions

André Donk
Josef Trappel

Australia: Committed to Investigative Journalism

Beate Josephi

Austria: Informal Rules and Strong Traditions

Manuela Grünangerl
Josef Trappel

Finland: High Professional Ethos in a Small, Concentrated Media Market

Kari Karppinen
Hannu Nieminen
Anna-Laura Markkanen

Germany: The News Media are Still Able to Play a Supportive Role for Democracy

Frank Marcinkowski
André Donk

Lithuania: Mixed Professional Values in a Small and Highly Blurred Media Environment

The Netherlands: Although There is No Need for Dramatization, Vigilance is Required

Leen d’Haenens
Quint Kik

Portugal: A Young Democracy Still in Progress

Joaquim Fidalgo

Sweden: A Mixed Media Model under Market Pressures

Torbjörn von Krogh
Lars Nord

Switzerland: Swiss Quality Media. A Reduced Protection Forest for Democracy

Werner A. Meier
Alexandra Gmür
Martina Leonarz

UK: UK News Media and Democracy. Professional Autonomy and its Limits

Peter Humphreys

Democratic Functions under Pressure: Conclusions

Lars Nord
Hannu Nieminen
Josef Trappel

The Authors

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