Communicating Politics

Political Communication in the Nordic Countries

Modern politics is mediated politics, and the media constitute the most important source of information and channel of communication between the governors and the governed. Media and politics are thus inextricable linked together, with the media playing an important role in contemporary democracies and for political processes. While this is true for virtually all advanced democracies, there are still important differences between countries depending on, for example, their media systems and political systems. The purpose of Communicating Politics: Political Communication in the Nordic Countries is consequently to de-scribe and analyze both the political communication systems and cases of political communication processes in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. Taken together, the chapters explore differences as well as similarities between the Nordic countries, and provide a broad view of political communication systems, practices and research perspectives in the Nordic countries. There is a few copies of the printed edition available. It can also be downloaded as a PDF, free of cost.



I: Political Communication Systems in the Nordic Countries

Political Communication in the Nordic Countries. An Introduction

Jesper Strömbäck
Mark Ørsten
Toril Aalberg

Media and Politics in Denmark

Anders Esmark
Mark Ørsten

Media and Politics in Finland

Tom Moring

Media and Politics in Iceland

Ólafur Th. Hardarson

Media and Politics in Norway

Helge Østbye
Toril Aalberg

Media and Politics in Sweden

Jesper Strömbäck
Lars W. Nord

II: Cases in Nordic Political Communication

Conflicting Representations in the European Parliamentary Elections

Tom Andersson

Visualizing Egalitarianism. Political Print Ads in Denmark

Jens E. Kjeldsen

Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose? The Evolution of Finnish Web Campaigning 1996-200

Tom Carlson
Kim Strandberg

Popularized Election Coverage? News Coverage of Swedish Parliamentary Election Campaigns 1979-2006

Bengt Johansson

From Public Educator to Interpreting Ombudsman. Regimes of Political Journalism in Swedish Public Service Broadcasting 1925-2005

Monika Djerf-Pierre
Lennart Weibull

Aestheticizing Politics. Non-verbal Political Communication in Danish TV Documentaries

Iben Have
Anne Marit Waade

This Is the Issue: Framing Contests and Media Coverage

Øyvind Ihlen
Sigurd Allern

Organizing Audiovisual Campaign Coverage. Influence on Power Relations Between Media and Politics in Norway

Kjersti Thorbjørnsrud

Conclusions. Similarities and Differences between the Nordic Countries

Mark Ørsten
Toril Aalberg
Jesper Strömbäck

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