Beyond the Stereotypes?

Images of Boys and Girls, and their Consequences

The Clearinghouse Yearbook of 2017 present examples of interventions from around the world attempting to break gender barriers in media and secondly, explore the influence and consequences of exposure to gender representations – both traditional as well as counter-traditional – on children and youth. The initiation of this volume was motivated by many dedicated scholars, practitioners, and activists worldwide to rectify gender inequalities portrayed in the media consumed by children.



Beyond the Stereotypes? Introduction

Dafna Lemish and Maya Götz


Innovations in Gender Representation in Children’s Television. The PRIX JEUNESSE 2016 Gender Prize Competition

Dafna Lemish

Disruption – Not Always a Bad Thing. A Look at Scripts in Tamora Pierce’s First Test

Katy Day

Teen Drama and Gender in the US. Two Moms, a Transgender Teen, and One Family on The Fosters

Nancy A. Jennings

Creating New Animated TV Series for Girls Aged 6-12 in Britain

Lindsay Watson

Thunderbirds Are Go. Re-booting Female Characters in Action Adventure Animation

Anna Potter

Challenging Gender and Racial Stereotypes in Online Spaces. Alternative Storytelling among Latino/a Youth in the U.S.

Alexandra Sousa
Srividya Ramasubramanian

Advertising to Children and Gender Stereotypes in Brazil. Reflecting a Broader “Macho” Culture

Tamara Amoroso Gonçalves
Mariana Hanssen
Bellei Nunes de Siqueira
Letícia Ueda Vella

Gender Segregation on BabyTV. Old-time Stereotypes for the Very Young

Nelly Elias
Idit Sulkin
Dafna Lemish


Perception of Physical Beauty among Boys and Girls in Hong Kong

Kara Chan
Maggie Fung
and Tabitha Thomas

Just Want to Look Good for You. Stereotypes in Music Videos and How to Overcome the Self-Evident Sexism in Germany

Maya Götz
Ana Eckhardt Rodriguez

Are Girls Sexualized on Social Networking Sites? An Analysis of Comments on Instagram of Kristina Pimenova

Carmen Llovet
Mónica Díaz-Bustamante
Kavita Karan

Macho Boys and Sexy Babes on TV. How Watching Different Types of Television Content is Related to Dutch Adolescents’ Hypergender Orientations

Johanna M.F. van Oosten

Children’s Perceptions of Gender Images in Indian Television Cartoons

Ruchi Jaggi

Representations of Gender on Social Media among Brazilian Young People. Between Reinforcing and Challenging the Stereotypes

Monica Barbovschi
Tatiana Jereissati
Graziela Castello

Gender Representations and Identity Constructions among Youth in Botswana. Exploring the Influence of Media

Ardis Storm-Mathisen

“HerStory”. Challenging Gender Stereotypes in Israeli Girls’ Perfect Love Stories

Shiri Reznik

Duckface/Stoneface. Selfie Stereotypes and Selfie Literacy in Gendered Media Practices in Sweden

Michael Forsman

“Stop Propagating it is ‘Normal’ to Look Like Models”. TV Programs and Their Role in the Context of Eating Disorders in Germany

Maya Götz
Caroline Mendel

Escaping from Worries or Facing Reality. A Survey Study of Adolescent Attitudes about Sexist and Homophobic Stereotypes in Mainstream US Media

Linda Charmaraman
Amanda Richer
Brianna Ruffin
Budnampet Ramanudom
Katie Madsen

“PAL can just be Themself”. Children in the US Respond to Annedroids’ Genderless TV Character

Sara L. Beck
Rebecca Hains
Colleen Russo Johnson

The Cultivation and Reception Effects of Gendered Images. Proposing Ways to Move Beyond. Gender Based Stereotypes for Boys and Girls

Aanchal Sharma
Manisha Pathak-Shelat

The Authors

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