African Media, African Children

African Media, African Children is the title of the tenth Yearbook of the International Clearinghouse on Children, Youth and Media. Over the years, we have focused attention on a wide range of topics, but this is the first Yearbook with a geographical focus, and a vast continent at that. A focus on Africa seems both timely and important. When issues about children and media are discussed, all too often the frame of reference is the media culture of the Western world. There is an urgent need for the agenda to become open to non-Western thoughts and intercultural approaches to a much higher degree than is the case at present.

The essays in this volume reflect a wide-range of issues and concerns related to children’s media culture in Africa. For example, several address the role of entertainment television in Addis Abba, Ghana, South Africa, Kenya, and Zambia and in the lives of Muslim children. Other essays introduce us to children-centered media from Ghana, South Africa, and Zimbabwe, and the innovative programs of PLAN-International. In addition to entertainment media and children-centered media, media education and digital media literacy are also discussed.





Firdoze Bulbulia

Children’s Media in Sub-Saharan Africa

Enyonam Osei-Hwere
Norma Pecora

Children, Media and Globalisation. A Research Agenda for Africa

Francis B. Nyamnjoh

SABC’s Programming for Children

Charles Owen

Children and Media in Muslim Africa. Senegal, Sudan, Nigeria

Steve Howard

Engendering Childhood. Concerning the Content of South African Television Fiction

Priscilla Boshoff
Jeanne Prinsloo

Disney Kids. Ethiopian Children’s Reception of a Transnational Media Mogul

Tewodros Workalemahu

Situated Responses to the Digital Literacies of Electronic Communication in Marginal School Settings

Mastin Prinsloo
Marion Walton

Celebrating Youth Media and Proposing a Way Forward

Mimi Brazeau

Beyond Child Participation. Tracking Progress of Media Education for Children and Young Persons in Ghana

Sarah Akrofi-Quarcoo

Drop It to the Youth. Community-Based Youth Video as a Tool for Building Democratic Dialogue in South Africa

Christine Mendoza
Rebecca Renard
Steven Goodman

Playing at Cyber Space. Perspectives on Egyptian Children’s Digital Socialization

Lamees El Baghdady

Opportunities, Challenges, & the Way Forward

Frederick Nnoma-Addison

Children’s Television Programs in Ghana. The Challenges of Local Production

Patrick V. Osei-Hwere

Television Broadcasting in South Africa. Mandates to Serving the Children

Beatrice A. Boateng

Children’s Television in Kenya. The Need for a Comprehensive Media Policy Regulating Children’s Content

Juliet Evusa

Children’s Television in Zambia. Local vs. Imported

Musonda Kapatamoyo

Television Programming for the Youth in Zimbabwe. Studio 263 and Handspeak

Wenceslous Kaswoswe

The Authors

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