Terms and conditions

Just nu har Göteborgs universitet problem med sina e-postservrar, vilket innebär att ca hälften av universitetets personal inte kommer åt sin e-post. Om du vill få kontakt med någon av Nordicoms personal rekommenderar vi dig att ringa oss istället. Här finns kontaktuppgifter till Nordicoms medarbetare: https://www.nordicom.gu.se/sv/om-nordicom/personal. Problemet gäller både e-postadresser till enskilda medarbetare och funktionsbrevlådor.

Prices and discounts

VAT (6 % on orders from within the European Union) and postage are not included in the prices quoted. Students, members of the Nordic communication research associations, and libraries are offered a 20 % discount (Please note: This discount is not applicable to subscriptions to the “Nordicom Package”).


Postage costs and delivery time

Postage fees will be added to the sum of your purchase. Orders are normally delivered within seven days.



Orders are normally accompanied by an invoice, with payment terms of 30 days. Payment by credit card (Visa or Mastercard/Eurocard), can be made after you have received the invoice. Please contact anne.claesson@nordicom.gu.se for further information.