Nordicom Review 18 (Special Issue 1) 1997

Editor(s): Ulla Carlsson

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From Broadcasting Research to Media Studies: A Historical Review and Analysis of Radio Research in Finland
Taisto Hujanen

A Historical Review of Radio Research in Sweden
Cecilia von Feilitzen

Democratization of Communication as an Utopia: Experiences from the Finnish Radio Reform in the 1980s
Taisto Hujanen

The Norwegian Radio Reform
Henriette Fossum

Public Service Radio in Denmark Today
Ib Poulsen

Local Radio in Western Europe: Conflicts Between the Cultures of Center and Periphery
Per Jauert

Radio For the Few or the Many? Experiences from the Political History of Local Radio in Norway
Eli Skogerbo

Radio News: The Finnish News Agency and the Finnish Broadcasting Company
Raimo Salokangas

From Bulletins to Journalism: Some Perspectives on the Development of Swedish Radio News 1925-1995
Lennart Weibull

Radio as a (Domestic) Medium: Towards New Concepts of the Radio Medium
Erja Ruohomaa

Why Does the Radio Go Unnoticed?
Pertti Alasuutari

Gender in Audience Research
Raija Sarkkinen

’Ways of Speaking’ on Norwegian Radio 1935-1980: A Study of Text Norm Evolution
Wenche Vagle

To the Question of Sounds in Radio Analysis
Carin Åberg

The Development of Radio and Radio Research: Perspectives Towards a New Order
Pentti Kemppainen

The New Radio Situation and It’s Implications for Research
Peter Petrov

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