The Nordic Media Market 2009

Media Companies and Business Activities
Editor(s): Eva Harrie

The Nordic Media Market 2009 offers information and analysis on the largest media companies operating in the Nordic region, where they are active, and in what branches of the media sector. The company data are accompanied by statistics for newspapers, magazines, radio, tv and internet, with respect to structure, ownership, penetration/ reach and consumption. Data on the largest European and international corporations are also included.

Moreover, the publication includes commentary and analysis on four media markets – newspapers, consumer magazines, radio and television – with regard to important features of, and changes in the media structure and structure of media ownership.

Please note that this is a second edition, published in June 2009. In addtion to the Statistics published in a first edition in late 2008, the publication now also presents complementary analyses of the Nordic Media Market. The publication is available in pdf-format only, and can consequently not be ordered.

Statistics, p. 1-128 (published Dec. 2008)
Media Market Analyses, p. 129-193 (published June 2009)




Nordic Media Trends. The Nordicom network

Media Ownership in the Nordic Countries. Current Trends
Staffan Sundin


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  3. The International Media Market
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Media Market Analyses

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