Crossing Borders and Boundaries in Public Service Media

RIPE 2015

Gregory Ferrell Lowe
Nobuto Yamamoto
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The seventh RIPE Reader investigates cross-boundary influences affecting public service media. PSM institutions remain domestically grounded and orientated, but must cope with international influences and the impact of globalisation. This presents significant environmental challenges keyed to policies that support networked communications which have important implications for the future of broadcasting. Meanwhile, internal institutional boundaries pose challenges to internal collaboration and synergy, and to achieving greater openness and cultivating public participation in PSM. Traditional boundaries between professional and non-professional production are often problematic, as well, for external collaboration. And there are enormous challenges in efforts to bridge boundaries between PSM and other public institutions (public sector), social movements (civil and volunteer sector) and companies (private sector). Cross-boundary phenomena offer tremendous opportunities for ensuring public service provision in the emerging media ecology, but managers and policy-makers must grapple with a range of dualities that require critical examination: public / private, national / international, broadcast / print, linear / non-linear, audience / user, production / distribution, citizen / consumer, and market / society. The scholarly contributions in this volume address issues that are relevant for improved understandings about Public Service Media Across Borders and Boundaries – a contemporary topic of keen theoretical and strategic importance.



Crossing Borders & Boundaries in PSM. Heritage, Complication and Development
Gregory Ferrell Lowe, Peter Goodwin, Nobuto Yamamoto

Section I. Broadcasting & Networked Communication

Broadcasting in the Post-Broadcast Era: Technology and Institution in the Development of Public Service Media
Taisto Hujanen

The PSM paradox with Net Neutrality
Marko Ala-Fossi

Above Us the Sky: The New Battle for Borders in Spectrum Allocation
Sylvia Harvey

Public Service Media in ‘Coopetitive’ Networks of Marketisation
Tanja Meyerhofer

Section II. The State, the Market & Civil Society

European Public Service Media and Communication Rights
Minna Aslama Horowitz, Hannu Nieminen

International Broadcasting and Editorial Independence: Case NHK Japan
Takashi Ito

Fighting the Neoliberalised Media Market & State Interference: The Interdependency of the Taiwan PTS and Civil Society Organisations
Hui-Ju Tsai

PSB and Press Freedom in the 2010s: Challenges for Radio Television Hong Kong
Ken-ichi Yamada, Nobuto Yamamoto

State-administered Public Service Broadcasting in Morocco
Bouziane Zaid

Section III. Crossing institutional & Operational Boundaries

Public Service Media and the Commons: Crossing Conceptual and Institutional Boundaries
Corinne Schweizer

Finding Public Service Media in a Global Mediascape
Lizzie Jackson

Crossing New Boundaries in Public TV Drama: The Transnational Success of Denmark’s Forbrydelsen
Trisha Dunleavy

PSM Going Global? Navigating the Trans Border Rights Minefield
Benjamin J. Bates

Crossing Boundaries for Innovation: Content Development for PSM at Yle
Sari Virta, Gregory Ferrell Lowe

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