Broadcasting & Convergence: New Articulations of the Public Service Remit


Taisto Hujanen
Gregory Ferrell Lowe
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Will broadcasting survive convergence, and should it survive? If yes, why and in what form? The questions were fundamental to the RIPE@2002 conference in Finland and lay the groundwork for this book, representing the culmination of nearly two years of fruitful collaboration between media scholars and practitioners with a keen focus on the future of public service media. The contents help set the stage for the RIPE@2004 conference being organised in Denmark.

The essential idea behind Re-visionary Interpretations of the Public Enterprice [RIPE] is a recognition that conceptual justification for public broadcasting no longer resonates. The authors in this volume explore various dimensions about what is different to any compelling degree about the public service approach that convincingly justifies its remit today, and about what contemporary ingredients could fruitfully reframe its conceptual and operational designs.

This book is relevant to discourse and policy about a quality of public life interdependent with social processes that continue to respect and also defend values that nourish media pluralism, cultural diversity, political democracy and social tolerance. The book begins with the large-scale society and policy framework, moving next to the institutional framework and organizational practice, and concludes with consideration of reception and application. The authors also represent the Trans-Atlantic nature of the RIPE initiative.

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Gregory Ferrell Lowe, Taisto Hujanen
Yassen N. Zassoursky, Elena Vartanova
Gregory Ferrell Lowe, Ari Alm
Jan Servaes, Rico Lie, Nico Carpentier
Tove Arendt Rasmussen, Pirkko Raudaskoski
Book cover: Broadcasting & Convergence: New Articulations of the Public Service Remit


Pages: 335
ISBN print
Series: RIPE