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Ursprung, tillkomst, framväxt 1861-2008
Nordicom, 2010, 309 sid
250,00 kr
Bestseller og blockbuster
Nordicom, 2010, 216 sid
En sammanfattning av forskningens resultat
Nordicom, 2010, 12 sid
Theories, Policies, Identities, and Websites
Nordicom, 2010, 250 sid
200,00 kr
Media, Communication and Social Change
Nordicom, 2009, 341 sid
225,00 kr
Crisis Communication in Finland and Sweden
Nordicom, 2009, 219 sid
240,00 kr
25,00 EUR
Skandinavisk public service i det 21. århundrede
Nordicom, 2009, 153 sid
Media Companies and Business Activities
Nordicom, 2009, 193 sid
A Brief Research Summary
Nordicom, 2009, 63 sid
Cultural, Legal and Philosophical Challenges
Nordicom, 2009, 155 sid
240,00 kr
25,00 EUR
240,00 kr
25,00 EUR
Spaces of Democracy, Diversity and Communication
Nordicom, 2009, 256 sid
280,00 kr
30,00 EUR