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Omslag Mediebarometern 2019
Nordicom Sverige, 2020, 120 sid
Policies against divides, distrust and discrimination
Nordicom, 2019, 288 sid
280,00 kr
28,00 EUR
Political Executive–Media Relations in Four Countries
Nordicom, 2019, 264 sid
The Challenges for Families in the Digital Age
Nordicom, 2018, 240 sid
Klasskillnader i det digitala medielandskapet
Nordicom, 2018, 134 sid
Nordic Media Trends 14
Nordicom, 2018, 124 sid
250,00 kr
25,00 EUR
En studie av medborgarnas uppfattning om yttrandefrihetens gränser
Nordicom, 2018, 42 sid
Digital Technologies Empowering Children in Everyday Life
Nordicom, 2017, 230 sid
200,00 kr
20,00 EUR