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Latest publications


Latest publications

Public service: En svensk kunskapsöversikt (2022)
Editor: Johannes Bjerling
SEK 220
Mediebarometern 2021 (2022)
Editor: Jonas Ohlsson
SEK 275
Success and Failure in News Media Performance
Comparative Analysis in The Media for Democracy Monitor 2021
Editors: Josef Trappel, Tales Tomaz
SEK 280
Wizards of the Web
An Outsider’s Journey into Tech Culture, Programming, and Mathemagics
Author: Jakob Svensson
SEK 220
The Media for Democracy Monitor 2021
How Leading News Media Survive Digital Transformation (2021)
Editors: Josef Trappel, Tales Tomaz
SEK 500 (vols. 1 & 2)
Mediebarometern 2020 (2021)
Editor: Jonas Ohlsson
SEK 275
MedieSverige 2021 (2021)
Authors: Ulrika Facht, Jonas Ohlsson
SEK 275
Power, Communication, and Politics in the Nordic Countries (2021)
Editors: Eli Skogerbø, Øyvind Ihlen, Nete Nørgaard Kristensen, Lars Nord
SEK 280
Silicon Valley och makten över medierna (2020)
Author: Carl-Gustav Lindén
SEK 220
Comparing Gender and Media Equality Across the Globe
A Cross-National Study of the Qualities, Causes, and Consequences of Gender Equality in and through the News Media (2020)
Editors: Monika Djerf-Pierre, Maria Edström
SEK 280
Universalism in Public Service Media
RIPE@2019 (2020)
Editors: Philip Savage, Mercedes Medina, Gregory Ferrell Lowe
SEK 280
Mediebarometern 2019 (2020)
Editor: Jonas Ohlsson
SEK 275
The Global Audiences of Danish Television Drama (2020)
Editors: Pia Majbritt Jensen, Ushma Chauhan Jacobsen
SEK 200 

Older publications


Older publications

Please copy and paste the book title from the drop-down list of our publications available to purchase below, and include the number of copies you wish to order.
Transnational Othering – Global Diversities: Media, extremism and free expression (2019). SEK 280
Nordicom-Sveriges Mediebarometer 2018 (2019). SEK 275
Digital Media Inequalities: Policies against divides, distrust and discrimination (2019). SEK 280
MedieSverige 2019 (2019). SEK 150
Close and Distant: Political Executive–Media Relations in Four Countries (2019). SEK 280

Youth and News in a Digital Media Environment: Nordic-Baltic Perspectives (2018). SEK 200
Digital Parenting: The Challenges for Families in the Digital Age (2018). The Clearinghouse Yearbook. SEK 250
Smaken för nyheter: Klasskillnader i det digitala medielandskapet (2018). SEK 200
Medie- och informationskunnighet (MIK) i den digitala tidsåldern. En demokratifråga: Kartläggning, analys, reflektioner (2018). SEK 200
Nordicom-Sveriges Mediebarometer 2017 (2018). SEK 275
Media Innovations and Design in Cultural Institutions (2018). SEK 200
What’s the Problem in Problem Gaming? Nordic Research Perspectives (2018). SEK 200
Public Service Media in the Networked Society. RIPE@2017 (2018). SEK 280
Newspapers in the Nordic Media Landscape 2017: Nordic Media Trends 14 (2018). SEK 250
Freedom of Expression in the Digital Media Culture: A study of public opinion in Sweden (2018). SEK 100

Young & Creative: Digital Technologies Empowering Children in Everyday Life (2017). Clearinghouse publikationer. SEK 200
Beyond the Stereotypes? Images of Boys and Girls, and their Consequences (2017). The Clearinghouse Yearbook. SEK 250
Books on Screens: Players in the Swedish e-book market (2017). SEK 280
Negotiating Journalism: Core Values and Cultural Diversities (2017). SEK 250
Marknadsmässig kurragömmalek? Barn, unga och dold reklam (2017). Den svenska mediemarknaden. SEK 150
The Legacy of Peter Forsskål: 250 Years of Freedom of Expression (2017). SEK 200
Cultural Journalism in the Nordic Countries (2017). SEK 280
The Assault on Journalism: Building knowledge to protect freedom of expression (2017). SEK 280
Kampen om reklamen (2017). Nordic Media Trends. SEK 200
Citizens in a Mediated World: A Nordic-Baltic Perspective on Media and Information Literacy (2017). SEK 150

Svensk tidningsmarknad under 2000-talet: Strukturförändringar och ekonomisk utveckling (2016). Den svenska mediemarknaden. SEK 100
Gendering War and Peace Reporting: Some Insights – Some Missing Links (2016). SEK 280
The Media and the Mundane: Communication Across Media in Everyday Life (2016). SEK 280
Blurring the Lines: Market-Driven and Democracy-Driven Freedom of Expression (2016). SEK 280
Opportunities for Media and Information Literacy in the Middle East and North Africa: Yearbook 2016 (2016). The Clearinghouse Yearbook. SEK 250
Becoming A Journalist: Journalism Education in the Nordic Countries (2016). SEK 280
Voice & Matter: Communication, Development and the Cultural Return (2016). SEK 280
MedieSverige 2016 (2016). SEK 150
Den svenska mediemarknaden 2016: Ägare – företag – medier (2016). SEK 250
Journalism in Conflict and Post-Conflict Conditions: Worldwide Perspectives (2016). SEK 280
Crossing Borders and Boundaries in Public Service Media: RIPE@2015 (2016). SEK 280
Teletext in Europe: From the Analog to the Digital Era (2016). SEK 280

Reflections on Media Education Futures: Contributions to the Conference Media Education Futures in Tampere, Finland 2014 (2015). The Clearinghouse Yearbook. SEK 250
Media and Information Literacy for the Sustainable Development Goals: MILID Yearbook 2015 (2015). SEK 250
The Nordic Media and the Cold War (2015). SEK 280
Agents and Voices: A Panorama of Media Education in Brazil, Portugal and Spain (2015). Clearinghouse publikationer. SEK 250
Mediers känsla för kön: Feministisk medieforskning (2015). SEK 280
The Nordic Media Market 2015 (2015). Nordic Media Trends. SEK 250

Making Change: Nordic Examples of Working Towards Gender Equality in the Media (2014). SEK 150
Agentes e Vozes: Um Panorama da Mídia-Educação no Brasil, Portugal e Espanha (2014). The Clearinghouse Yearbook. SEK 250
New Wars, New Media and New War Journalism: Professional and Legal Challenges in Conflict Reporting (2014). SEK 280
Access to Information in the Nordic Countries: A comparison of the laws of Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway and Iceland and international rules (2014). SEK 100
Young People, Media and Health: Risks and Rights (2014). The Clearinghouse Yearbook. SEK 250
Global Citizenship in a Digital World: MILID Yearbook 2014 (2014). SEK 250
Medie- och informationskunnighet i Norden: En nyckel till demokrati och yttrandefrihet (2014). Clearinghouse publikationer. SEK 160
Den Finska televisionens milstolpar: Program och programproduktion under fem årtionden (2014). SEK 280
The Value of Public Service Media: Ripe@2013 (2014). SEK 280
MedieSverige 2014: Statistik och analys (2014). SEK 350
Politiska annonser: Partiernas valreklam i dagspressen genom 100 år (2014). Sylwan. SEK 250

Towards a Better Internet for Children: Policy Pillars, Players and Paradoxes (2013). SEK 280
A History of Swedish Broadcasting: Communicative Ethos, Genres and Institutional Change (2013). SEK 280
Den svenska mediemarknaden 2013: Medienotiser 3/2013 (2013). SEK 250
Med egna ord: Barn och deras föräldrar om vad som kan vara obehagligt på internet (2013). Clearinghouse publikationer. SEK 100
Freedom of Expression Revisited: Citizenship and Journalism in the Digital Era (2013). SEK 240
Media and Information Literacy and Intercultural Dialogue: MILID Yearbook 2013 (2013). SEK 250
Producing the Internet: Critical Perspectives of Social Media (2013). SEK 250
A Nordic Public Service Media Map: Denmark - Finland - Iceland - Norway - Sweden. (Nordic Public Service Media Map 3) (2013). SEK 200
Public Service Media from a Nordic Horizon: Politics, Markets, Programming and Users. (Nordic Public Service Media Map 2) (2013). SEK 200
Speaking Up and Talking Back? Media Empowerment and Civic Engagement among East and Southern African Youth (2013). The Clearinghouse Yearbook. SEK 200

Media Meets Climate: The Global Challenge for Journalism (2012). SEK 280
Barn och ungas medieanvändning i nätverkssamhället (2012). SEK 160
Public Service Media in the Nordic Countries: Facts & Figures. (Nordic Public Service Media Map 1) (2012). SEK 250
Inte för smalt, inte för brett: Spelet om framtidens public service (2012). SEK 230
Barn och ungas medieanvändning i Internet-världen (2012). SEK 125
Regaining the Initiative for Public Service Media. RIPE@2011 (2012). SEK 280
We Love to Hate Each Other: Mediated Football Fan Culture (2012). SEK 280
Scandalous! The Mediated Construction of Political Scandals in Four Nordic Countries (2012). SEK 250

Exporting the Public Value Test: The Regulation of Public Broadcasters’ New Media Services Across Europe (2011). SEK 250
Hur farligt är internet: Resultat från den svenska delen av den europeiska undersökningen EU Kids Online (2011). Clearinghouse publikationer. SEK 100
The Media for Democracy Monitor: A Cross National Study of Leading News Media (2011). SEK 280
New Questions, New Insights, New Approaches: Contributions to the Research Forum at the World Summit on Media For Children and Youth 2010 (2011). The Clearinghouse Yearbook. SEK 200
Programformat och medier i konvergens: Formathandel, juridiskt skydd och branschpraxis (2011). SEK 230
Small Among Giants: Television Broadcasting in Smaller Countries (2011). SEK 250
Diversity in Theory and Practice: News Journalists in Sweden and Germany (2011). SEK 280
Communicating Risks: Towards the Threat Society (2011). SEK 280

A Sampler of International Media and Communication Statistics 2010 (2010). Nordic Media Trends. SEK 220
A History of the Press in Sweden (2010). Sylwan. SEK 250
Media Mergers and the Defence of Pluralism (2010). SEK 240
The Digital Public Sphere: Challenges for Media Policy (2010). SEK 240
Children and Youth in the Digital Media Culture: From a Nordic Horizon (2010). The Clearinghouse Yearbook. SEK 200
Media Literacy Education: Nordic Perspectives (2010). Clearinghouse publikationer. SEK 240
Communicating the Nation: National Topographies of Global Media Landscapes (2010). SEK 280
Mediesverige 2010: Statistik och analys (2010). SEK 350
Ett tidningshus i Jönköping: Ursprung, tillkomst, framväxt 1861-2008 (2010). Sylwan. SEK 250
Den skandinaviske krimi: Bestseller og blockbuster (2010). SEK 230
The Emerging Media Toddlers (2010). Clearinghouse publikationer. SEK 120
The Public in Public Service Media. RIPE@2009 (2010). SEK 260
Nordiska public service-medier i den digitala mediekulturen: Pengar, politiken och publiken (2010). SEK 210

Presshistoriens pionjärer (2009). Sylwan. SEK 200
Youth Engaging With the World: Media, Communication and Social Change (2009). The Clearinghouse Yearbook. SEK 225
After the Tsunami: Crisis Communication in Finland and Sweden (2009). SEK 240
Influences of Mediated Violence: A Brief Research Summary (2009). Clearinghouse publikationer. SEK 50
Nye udfordringer for gamle medier: Skandinavisk public service i det 21. århundrede (2009). SEK 240
Freedom of Speech Abridged? Cultural, Legal and Philosophical Challenges (2009). SEK 240
Media and Monarchy in Sweden (2009). SEK 240
Manufacturing Europe: Spaces of Democracy, Diversity and Communication (2009). SEK 280

African Media, African Children (2008). The Clearinghouse Yearbook. SEK 240 
Faroe Islands and Greenland 2008: Media and Communication Statistics (2008). Nordic Media Trends. SEK 300
Transnational Media Events: The Mohammed Cartoons and the Imagined Clash of Civilizations (2008). SEK 280
Mediated Crossroads. Identity, Youth Culture and Ethnicity: Theoretical and Methodological Challenges (2008). SEK 280
Communicating Politics: Political Communication in the Nordic Countries (2008). SEK 280
Media Accountability Today... and Tomorrow: Updating the Concept in Theory and Practice (2008). SEK 240
Empowerment Through Media Education: An Intercultural Dialogue (2008). Clearinghouse publikationer. SEK 225
From Public Service Broadcasting to Public Service Media. RIPE@2007 (2008). SEK 280

Children, Media and Consumption: On the Front Edge (2007). The Clearinghouse Yearbook. SEK 250
Ideological Horizons in Media and Citizen Discourses: Theoretical and methodological approaches (2007). SEK 240
Ambivalence Towards Convergence: Digitalization and Media Change (2007). SEK 280

PS till den svenska pressens historia (2006). Sylwan. SEK 200
Media Trends 2006 in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. Radio, TV and Internet (2006). Nordic Media Trends. SEK 300
News from the Interview Society (2006). SEK 280
Radio, TV and Internet in the Nordic Countries: Meeting the Challenges of New Media Technology (2006). Nordic Media Trends. SEK 200
Geographies of Communication: The Spatial Turn in Media Studies (2006). SEK 280
In the Service of Young People? Studies and Reflections on Media in the Digital Age (2006). The Clearinghouse Yearbook. SEK 250
Från journalist till murvel: Journalistyrkets professionalisering från 1900 till 1960-talet (2006). Sylwan. SEK 250
Den svenska mediemarknaden 2006 (2006). SEK 250
Implications of the Sacred in (Post)Modern Media (2006). SEK 280

Cultural Dilemmas in Public Service Broadcasting: RIPE@2005 (2005). SEK 280 EK
Global War - Local Views: Media Images of the Iraq War (2005). SEK 280
Allehanda skepnader: (Nya) Dagligt Allehanda 1767-1944 (2005). Sylwan. SEK 250
Våld och pornografi i medierna (2005). SEK 75
Diffusion of the News Paradigm 1850-2000 (2005). SEK 250 
Young People and Gendered Media Messages (2005). Clearinghouse publikationer. SEK 120
Bokläsning i den digitala tidsåldern: Aktuella undersökningar från Nordicom och SOM-institutet (2005). SEK 250

Young People, Soap Operas and Reality TV: Yearbook 2004 (2004). The Clearinghouse Yearbook. SEK 250
News of the Other: Tracing Identity in Scandinavian Constructions of the Eastern Baltic Sea Region (2004). SEK 250
Playing with Fire: How do Computer Games Influence the Player? (2004). Clearinghouse publikationer. SEK 100
Ett nytt sätt att se: Om bildtidningen Se 1938-1945 (2004). Sylwan. SEK 250
Femme Fatalities: Representations of Strong Women in the Media (2004). SEK 250
MedieSverige 2004: Statistik och analys (2004). SEK 350
U.S. and the Others: Global Media Images on “The War on Terror” (2004). SEK 280

Promote or Protect? Perspectives on Media Literacy and Media Regulations: Yearbook 2003 (2003). The Clearinghouse Yearbook. SEK 250
The Nordic Media Market 2003: Media Companies and Business Activities (2003). Nordic Media Trends. SEK 300
Medierne, minoriteterne og det multikulturelle samfund: Skandinaviske perspektiver (2003). SEK 250
Pennan, Penningen & Politiken: Medier och medieföretag förr och nu (2003). SEK 225
Media Fascinations: Perspectives on Young People's Meaning Making (2003). SEK 200
Den svenska mediemarknaden 2003 (2003). SEK 220
Mångfald i medieforskningen (2003). SEK 200

Media and Violence in Society: Attitudes Toward Media Violence and Protective Measures in Sweden (2002). SEK 40
Journalism and the New World Order Vol.2: Studying War and the Media (2002). SEK 250
Bland gnetar och rödhättor: Den socialistiska vänsterns press 1965-2000 (2002). Sylwan. SEK 230
MedieSverige 2001/2002: Statistik och analys (2002). SEK 300

Outlooks on Children and Media: Yearbook 2001 (2001). The Clearinghouse Yearbook. SEK 200
Media Trends 2001: in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden (2001). Nordic Media Trends. SEK 300
Medierna och våldet i samhället: Några resultat från SOM-undersökningen 2000 (2001). SEK 40
Tidningsutgivarna: 4x25 år (2001). Sylwan. SEK 210
Den svenska pressens upplagor 1824-1872: Sture M Waller (2001). Sylwan. SEK 150
Contesting the Frontiers: Media and Dimensions of Identity (2001). SEK 250
News in a Globalized Society (2001). SEK 250
Journalism and the New World Order Vol.1: Gulf War, National News Discourses and Globalization (2001). SEK 250

Children in the New Media Landscape. Games Pornography Perceptions: Yearbook 2000 (2000). The Clearinghouse Yearbook. SEK 250
The Nordic Media Market 2000: Media Companies and Business Activities (2000). Nordic Media Trends. SEK 200
Internet i Norden, Europa och Världen: En mediestatistisk översikt (2000). SEK 175
Konkurrens och förnyelse (2000). Sylwan. SEK 210
Tidningarnas Klara (2000). Sylwan. SEK 205
Tidningar för alla: Den finländska pressens historia (2000). SEK 225

Children and Media. Image Education Participation: Yearbook 1999 (1999). The Clearinghouse Yearbook. SEK 250
MedieSverige 1999/2000: Statistik och analys (1999). SEK 300
Medierna i samhället. Kontinuitet och förändring: Professorer i journalistik och medievetenskap reflekterar (1999). SEK 100
Public Service-TV (1999). SEK 75
TV i Norden, Europa och Världen: En statistisk översikt (1999). SEK 125
Den svenska mediemarknaden 1999 (1999). SEK 160
Folk och press i rörelse (1999). Sylwan. SEK 150
Grundad 1830 av Lars Johan Hierta (1999). Sylwan. SEK 150
Nordic Baltic Media Statistics 1998 (1999). Nordic Media Trends. SEK 290

Children and Media Violence: Yearbook 1998 (1998). The Clearinghouse Yearbook. SEK 250
Ständigt dessa landsortstidningar (1998). Sylwan. SEK 175
Barn och unga i det nya medielandskapet: Statistik och analys (1998). SEK 160
Perspektiv på Post- och Inrikes Tidningar (1998). Sylwan. SEK 150

MedieSverige 1997: Statistik och analys (1997). SEK 250
Nordic Media Trends 1997: in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden (1997). Nordic Media Trends. SEK 260
Beyond Media Uses and Effects (1997). SEK 200
Radio Research: in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden. Special Issue of Nordicom Review No 18(1997)1 (1997). SEK 150

Medierna i samhället: Igår, idag, imorgon (1996). SEK 200
Nordisk Forskning om Public Service: Radio och TV i allmänhetens tjänst (1996). Nordic Media Trends. SEK 200
Den moderna dagspressen 350 år (1996). SEK 200

Ytterligare anteckningar till en svensk presshistorisk bibliografi: En inventering av litteratur utgiven 1760–1994 (1995). SEK 150
Media Trends 1995: in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden (1995). Nordic Media Trends. SEK 150
Mediemätningar: Teori, Tolkning, Tillämpning (1995). SEK 175
Nordisk Filmforskning 1975–1995: En bibliografi & 10 essays i anledning af filmens 100 år 1895–1995 (1995). SEK 220

Popular Music Research (1990). SEK 100
Språket i massmedierna: En antologi från NORDICOM-Sverige (1989). SEK 100
Forskning om journalistik: En antologi från NORDICOM-Sverige (1988). SEK 100