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NEWS | 29 Jun 2015

World film market trends

World Film Market Trends and Focus on Animation are the titles of two new booklets published by the European Audiovisual Observatory.

NEWS | 28 Jun 2015

Channel families dominate the Nordic TV market

[NORDICOM] Television viewing is becoming more and more fragmented, but the largest proportion of linear TV viewing is still concentrated to the major TV companies. This is shown in Nordicom’s compilations of audience data from the Nordic countries in 2014.

Media Market | Europe 15 Jun 2015 | 15 Jun 2015

The European market for VoD services

The European Commission has published a report on the VOD market in Europe, covering both developments of the market for on-demand audiovisual services and an overview of audiovisual audience measurements in the EU.

NEWS | 12 Jun 2015

Report on Nordic Films Crossing Borders

The number of Nordic titles distributed in neighbouring Nordic countries has steadily grown. But what were the top Nordic film exports in the Nordic region and internationally between 2009-2013 and how successful really was the Millennium film trilogy?

NYHET | 23 Mar 2015

“The new media reality is now commonplace”

The report Media Development 2014  by the DR Media Research Department is now available. One of its main points is that streaming is still in the process of somewhat taking over audiences from traditional television.

NEWS | 9 Mar 2015

Fragmented TV viewing, but still large channels

[NORDICOM] Linear TV: Two television channels each in all the Nordic countries have about half of the respective countries’ viewing time combined. And despite declining reach, three channels – of which two are in Finland – are watched by half the population on an average day.

NEWS | 12 Feb 2015

TV viewing in the Nordic countries in 2014

[NORDICOM] Viewing of traditional TV continued to fall in Denmark and Sweden last year, while Finland reached its highest viewing time ever and Norway also noted an increase. This is shown in Nordicom’s comparisons of the 2014 TV data from the national survey institutes in the Nordic countries.

NEWS | 22 Jan 2015

EAO Yearbook: Market stagnation despite growth in VoD and pay TV

The European audiovisual market experienced a year of stagnation in 2013. And worldwide the European audiovisual media groups have lost more than five per cent of their global market share over the last five years, according to the EAO Yearbook 2014.

Conference Report | 5 May 2014

Making Television in the 21st Century

Fresh insights and global perspectives dominated the Making Television in the 21st Century Conference held in Aarhus University, Denmark from October 24-26, 2013. The common thread uniting the wide-ranging talks was the pursuit to provide updated models and methods to make sense of the evolving medium.

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