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NEWS | 22 Jun 2016

Defining on-demand services under the scope of the AVMSD

What types of video-on-demand services falls under the scope of the European Audiovisual Media Service Directive (AVMSD)? What differentiates those services from those covered by the E-Commerce Directive? A new report analyses the scope of the AVMSD, including the recent proposal for an update of the European legislation.

NEWS | 22 Jun 2016

EU proposes new rules for TV and online services

More flexible advertising rules for TV channels, obligations for on-demand services to promote European works, and an obligation for video-sharing platforms to protect minors from harmful content. These are some of the changes the European Commission proposes for an update of the European Audiovisual Media Service Directive (AVMSD).

NEWS | 11 Apr 2016

Reports on TV and public service news

What is happening to television news front coverTwo new reports from the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism, University of Oxford, digs deeper into the future of television news and public service media and the challenges they currently face. Both reports are part of the Digital News Project and have Danish media reseacher Rasmus Kleis Nielsen as co-author.

NEWS | 6 Apr 2016

Increasing video-on-demand viewing in the Nordic countries

Viewing of audiovisual content is increasing in the Nordic countries. This is due to a growth in video-on-demand viewing while at the same time the overall consumption of linear TV is quite stable.

NEWS | 24 Mar 2016

Trends in Europe’s audiovisual markets

The European Commission has published a number of studies, prepared in order to provide background facts for the ongoing review of the AVMS Directive. The reports cover aspects such as trends in the audiovisual markets and the protection of minors, and are free to download.

NEWS | 24 Mar 2016

Greenland: Viewing and listening survey 2015

Nine of ten Greenlanders watch television on a daily or near-daily basis, while more than eight of ten listen to the radio. Nearly all Greenlanders use the public service broadcaster KNR’s TV, radio or online services. This is shown in a media use survey for 2015.

NEWS | 24 Feb 2016

Intense competition for user attention on the Internet

The DR Audience Research Department annually publishes a report on the use of electronic media in Denmark. Media Development 2015 is now available, and one of its main points is that the internet is becoming more mobile.

NEWS | 23 Feb 2016

TV viewing in the Nordic countries in 2015

The total linear TV viewing in the Nordic region is rather stable, but differences between groups are increasing. Older people watch more, while the young watch less. At the same time online TV viewing is growing, especially among the young. This is shown in comparisons of the 2015 TV data from the national survey institutes in the Nordic countries.

Television | Finland | 26 Nov 2015

Finnish TV output 2014

In Finland, the programme supply of the nationwide free-to-air channels has risen by six hours per day. Reality television and foreign fiction continue to be the largest programme categories in Finnish television, while news continues to decrease. This is shown in a report on Finnish TV programming by the Ministry of Transport and Communications, which also indicates continuities of trends rather than any major changes compared to the previous year.


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