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NEWS | 9 Jun 2014

The Nordic countries - Europe's busiest IT users

Europe’s most avid IT users live in the Nordic countries and the Netherlands. But Internet use is on a steady increase in all of Europe. More and more Europeans use a mobile phone to connect to the Internet, many have their own profiles on social networks, and online shopping is increasing. This is shown in Statistics Denmark’s report on ICT development in the EU countries.

NEWS | 3 Feb 2014

"Streaming has become mainstream"

In Denmark TV is still a popular activity, but watching traditonal linear TV has decreased during 2013. At the same time an increase in watching streamed programmes is noted, according to a new report from DR Media Research department.

NYHET | 20 Jan 2014

Swedes and the Internet 2013

While Internet use in Sweden has stabilized, there is a clear mobile breakthrough. The time spent on mobile internet has more than tripled in two years, according to a new report from .SE.


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