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NEWS | 12 Oct 2015

The State of Broadband 2015

While Internet access is approaching saturation in the developed world, it is only accessible to a third of the people in developing countries. The State of Broadband Report 2015 points at inequalities in ICT access and use worldwide.

Project | 8 Sep 2015

Go Global Games

Ministry of Culture and Innovation Norway contributes with five million NOK each in a new pilot project for export of Norwegian computer games.  The  project Go Global Games are scheduled for release in 2016.

NEWS | 28 Jun 2015

Digital News Report 2015

In Denmark and Finland traditional brands still dominate online news, but search and social media are growing. These are some findings in a new report on online news consumption by the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism.

NYHET | 23 Mar 2015

“The new media reality is now commonplace”

The report Media Development 2014  by the DR Media Research Department is now available. One of its main points is that streaming is still in the process of somewhat taking over audiences from traditional television.

NEWS | 16 Mar 2015

The Nordics best digital performers in new EU index

The European Commission has created an index to monitor Member States’ progress towards a digital economy and society. Denmark, Sweden and Finland rank respectively first, second and fourth among the EU countries.

NEWS | 26 Jan 2015

UNESCO launches new report in Internet freedom series

Fostering Freedom Online: the Role of Internet Intermediaries  focuses on Internet service providers, search engines and social networking platforms. It examines how this recent phenomenon of Internet intermediaries impacts on freedom of expression and associated fundamental rights such as privacy.

NEWS | 15 Jan 2015

Internet in Europe increases, but differences between countries continue

Internet use continues to grow in Europe. Nearly two-thirds of Europeans aged 16-74 use the Internet daily, according to 2014 data from Eurostat. But the percentage of users differs widely between countries, ranging from just over 30 per cent of daily users in Romania to around 90 per cent in Iceland and Norway.

NEWS | 20 Nov 2014

Swedes and the Internet 2014

In the past twenty years, the Internet has become part of many Swedes’ everyday life. And still, the Internet continues to spread to more and more Swedes, in both access and use. More people are also connecting more frequently during the day, and the time spent online is growing. Behind this trend is the increased use of smartphones and tablets, according to the report Swedes and the Internet 2014 by .SE, the Internet Infrastructure Foundation.

NEWS | 21 Aug 2014

The Nordic countries increasingly mobile

Data volume over mobile networks is quickly increasing throughout the Nordic region. But there are differences between the countries in access and use of telecommunication services. Finland has the highest number of mobile subscriptions per capita and Denmark has the most fixed broadband subscriptions, while Sweden is at the top when it comes to fast broadband. This is shown in a joint telecommunication markets publication from the Nordic telecom regulators.

NEWS | 25 Jun 2014

Digital News Report 2014

In Finland, Denmark and the UK, traditional brands still dominate online news while pure players and social media have made comparatively few inroads. This is revealed in a report on online news consumption from the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism.


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