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NEWS | 25 Aug 2016

Digital News Report 2016

An increasing move to mobile phones, growing importance of social media for news, and a reluctance to pay for news online. These are some of the findings in the Digital News Report 2016, covering 26 countries including Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden.

NEWS | 10 Aug 2016

Finland, Sweden and Norway among the world's best digital performers

Three Nordic countries – Finland, Sweden and Norway – are among the most digital-savvy countries in the world; only Singapore ranks higher. This is reported by the World Economic Forum.

NEWS | 30 Jun 2016

The Nordic countries increasingly mobile - Finland at the top

Iceland has the highest number of IPTV subscriptions per capita, Sweden has the most high-speed broadband subscriptions and Finland is at the top when it comes to mobile services. At the same time, data volume over mobile networks is increasing rapidly throughout the Nordic region. This is shown in a report from the Nordic telecom authorities.

NEWS | 11 May 2016

Danes are reluctant to participate in political debate on social media

How do Danes engage with and through social media in public political debates? Are Danes becoming participatory content creators or is this a mere ideal of social media use? A preliminary analysis of the data collected in the DECIDIS survey “Social Media and Political Engagement” shows that social media and especially Facebook continues to be a central part of most Danes daily media habits.

NEWS | 6 Apr 2016

Increasing video-on-demand viewing in the Nordic countries

Viewing of audiovisual content is increasing in the Nordic countries. This is due to a growth in video-on-demand viewing while at the same time the overall consumption of linear TV is quite stable.

NEWS | 24 Feb 2016

Intense competition for user attention on the Internet

The DR Audience Research Department annually publishes a report on the use of electronic media in Denmark. Media Development 2015 is now available, and one of its main points is that the internet is becoming more mobile.

Research article | Finland | 9 Feb 2016

Digital Divide and Some Uncomfortable Questions

The Finnish media researcher Hannu Nieminen, University of Helsinki, is one of the authors in a recent issue of the European Journal of Media Research. 

Nordicom-Information | 26 Nov 2015

Hets och hat online

Den digitala utvecklingen har inneburit enorma möjligheter att sprida budskap, kommunicera och bilda opinion. Men som så ofta finns det också en baksida. Detta nummer av Nordicom-Information handlar om trakasserier, hets och hat online.

NEWS | 17 Nov 2015

The Swedes and the Internet 2015

Over 90 per cent of the Swedish population has access to the Internet, and on average they use the Internet three hours a day. Almost eight in ten use social media, more and more watch movies and TV on the web, and more pay for streaming services. These are some of the results reported in The Swedes and the Internet 2015, by the Internet Foundation in Sweden.

NEWS | 15 Oct 2015

UNESCO study: Principles for governing the Internet

UNESCO has launched a new study called “Principles for governing the Internet”. This reviews and analyses more than 50 Internet-specific declarations and frameworks relevant to Internet principles.


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