NEWS | 3 Mar 2017

The International Communication Market Report 2016

Ofcom, the British media authority, has published its 11th international report. Among other things, the report shows that the Brits—to a greater extent than ever before—are using the Internet as their main source for some types of news; however, the Swedes prefer newspapers rather than both the Internet and TV.

NEWS | 1 Mar 2017

UNESCO releases: MILID Yearbook 2016

This year’s edition of the MILID Yearbook analyses how media and information literacy (MIL) can be used as a tool to strengthen human rights and work against radicalism and extremism. The book is published by UNESCO in cooperation with several different partners.

NEWS | 29 Nov 2016

Internet freedom on decline

Internet freedom around the world declined for the sixth consecutive year in 2016, according to a report by Freedom House. Iceland, the only Nordic country in the study, is rated as a global leader in free speech.

Nordicom Review | 28 Nov 2016

Nordicom Review continues to develop

In November 2016, Nordicom Review’s new editorial board was completed. This is one of many steps taken during recent years to further develop the journal into one of a clear international standard.

NEWS | 1 Nov 2016

Half the world’s population is still offline

Internet access is approaching saturation in the developed world. At the same time, however, half the world’s population is still offline. Iceland and Finland are world leaders in Internet use and mobile broadband subscriptions, respectively. All this according to the report State of Broadband 2016.

NEWS | 25 Aug 2016

Digital News Report 2016

An increasing move to mobile phones, growing importance of social media for news, and a reluctance to pay for news online. These are some of the findings in the Digital News Report 2016, covering 26 countries including Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden.

NEWS | 24 Aug 2016

Comparing gender and media equality

A cross-national study of the qualities, causes and consequences of gender equality in and through the news media has started by a research team at the University of Gothenburg.

NEWS | 10 Aug 2016

Finland, Sweden and Norway among the world's best digital performers

Three Nordic countries – Finland, Sweden and Norway – are among the most digital-savvy countries in the world; only Singapore ranks higher. This is reported by the World Economic Forum.

Conference Report | 13 May 2016

Conference Paved the Way for Academic Research Cooperation

UNESCO and the UNESCO Chair at University of Gothenburg organized in collaboration with several partners a two-day research conference on the safety of journalists during the celebrations of World Press Freedom Day in Helsinki Finland, 3 and 4 May 2016. 
This international research conference paved the way for academic research cooperation - knowledge is the key.


Freedom of Expression and Media in Transition

In recent years there has been widespread concern about the ability of the media to maintain and develop their role as a pillar of democracy. A precondition for a true democracy is well-informed citizens and the right to freedom of expression and freedom of information, and that can only occur where press and internet freedom, media pluralism and independence exist.


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