NEWS | 30 Aug 2016

News consumption in Norway and Sweden

In Norway and Sweden, two inquiries are looking into how the media sector should be arranged to encourage media diversity, especially in news journalism. In both countries, the inquiries have turned to researchers for help in identifying and analysing citizens' news habits.

NEWS | 18 Aug 2016

25 years of cultural habits in Norway

Statistics Norway has published a report on cultural consumption in Norway, with the main purpose of presenting changes in the use of cultural activities from the early 1990s to the present.

NEWS | 8 Jun 2016

Considerable increase in newspaper paywalls in Norway

The number of Norwegian newspapers with paywalls for online content more than doubled last year. A report on the Norwegian newspaper year 2015 (Avisåret 2015) shows how the newspapers gain new digital revenues.

From the research associations | Norway | 2 Jun 2016

Towards Future Media Landscape

The Norwegian media research association, Norsk Medieforskerlag, annual conference is held in Bergen 20-21. October with the theme
Towards future media landscape. Who says what to whom? Why, and how?
July 1 is the deadline for early bird registration.

NEWS | 25 Apr 2016

Continued decline in newspaper reading in Norway

Fewer people are reading newspapers in Norway. Reading of the print version shows the largest drop, but last year the reading online also declined, according to Statistics Norway’s Media Barometer survey 2015.

NEWS | 10 Mar 2016

The Creative Industry in Norway 2008-2014

The value creation in Norway's creative industries increased overall between 2008 and 2014, but the media industry stands out negatively. These are some of the results from a study by the BI Centre for Creative Industries in cooperation with the Menon consulting company.

NEWS | 16 Nov 2015

Norwegian media economy 2014

The Norwegian Media Authority has published its annual report on Norwegian media economy. It shows that commercial broadcasting has increased its revenues, but that the development of the media industry as a whole is marked by the decline in the newspaper economy.

Research center | 22 Oct 2015

New Center for Political Communication

POLKOM is the name of a research group at the Department of Media and Communication (IMK) at the University of Oslo.

Project | 8 Sep 2015

Go Global Games

Ministry of Culture and Innovation Norway contributes with five million NOK each in a new pilot project for export of Norwegian computer games.  The  project Go Global Games are scheduled for release in 2016.

Symposium | 4 Aug 2015

Global Journalism Symposium

The Global Journalism Symposium, 6 October 2015 in Kristiansand, Norway brings together scholars for a day of discussion and exchange.


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