NEWS | 17 Jan 2017

How should Norwegian public service be financed in the future?

The Norwegian Government has proposed a platform-neutral media fee for the future financing of NRK, the Norwegian public service company. It also suggests financial support to a single operator for broadcasting commercial public service television.

NEWS | 7 Dec 2016

New editor of Norsk medietidsskrift

A new issue of the Norwegian journal Norsk medietidsskrift is released. This is the last issue with Steen Steensen as editor. From 2017 Jens Barland will be the editor.

NEWS | 30 Nov 2016

Norway to start closing down FM network early 2017

Next year, nationwide radio in Norway will go fully digital. The FM transmissions will be closed down county by county, starting in January 2017. Most local radio stations will be able to continue on the FM network until 2022.

NEWS | 28 Nov 2016

Young people’s news consumption in Norway

Nine of ten young Norwegians check out the news every day, often several times a day, and the smartphone stands out as their main source of news. These are some of the results of a survey of young people’s news consumption in a digitized everyday life.

NEWS | 28 Oct 2016

Norway and Sweden: Savings keep newspapers in the black

The newspaper industry is under pressure. Advertising revenues continue to fall, and the continued profitability of most newspapers is explained by substantial cost cuts. At the same time, business is going relatively well for TV and radio. This is shown in two reports on media economy by the Norwegian and Swedish media authorities.

NEWS | 26 Oct 2016

Nytt nummer av Norsk Medietidsskrift

"Det er allment kjent at medieforskningen står i et spenn mellom humaniora og samfunnsvitenskapene og i økende grad også teknologivitenskapene og andre felt."
Det skriver Steen Steensen i siste nummer av Norsk Medietidsskrift.
Les artikeln om metodeproblem och andra artikler i det seneste nummer av tidsskriften.

NEWS | 5 Sep 2016

Suggestion for NRK's financing in Norway

An expert committee suggests that the financing for NRK, the Norwegian public service company, should be based on a licence fee (household fee), that should be platform-neutral, and include both linear and non-linear services.

NEWS | 30 Aug 2016

News consumption in Norway and Sweden

In Norway and Sweden, two inquiries are looking into how the media sector should be arranged to encourage media diversity, especially in news journalism. In both countries, the inquiries have turned to researchers for help in identifying and analysing citizens' news habits.

NEWS | 18 Aug 2016

25 years of cultural habits in Norway

Statistics Norway has published a report on cultural consumption in Norway, with the main purpose of presenting changes in the use of cultural activities from the early 1990s to the present.


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