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NEWSLETTER | 4 Dec 2015

New issue: Media Trends in the Nordic Countries

Read about the top 25 Nordic media companies, the economic development on the Nordic media markets, and current media inquiries in the Nordic countries. Media use and Books & Libraries are other themes in this issue.

NEWS | 3 Dec 2015

Current media inquiries in the Nordic countries

In the Nordic countries a number of media-related inquiries are underway. In focus are the media market and the conditions for its operators, public service media's role and financing, as well as how media policies should be developed to support media diversity, freedom of expression, and democracy in the future.

NEWS | 3 Dec 2015

Report on RÚV creates debate in Iceland

A report on RÚV, the Icelandic National Broadcasting Service, has been followed by a heated political debate. Both the opposition in Parliament and individuals within the media community have criticized the report, which is expected to serve as input in the ongoing discussions concerning a new service contract between RÚV and the State.

NEWS | 2 Dec 2015

A century of Swedish media inquiries

Nordicom has made a compilation of political inquiries regarding the media industry conducted since the early 1920's, and found that newspapers, public service and advertising are areas often examined.

NEWS | 26 Nov 2015

Open access resources on media law in Europe

The  implementation of the Audiovisual Media Service Directive and the public service media remit are the subjects of two open access resources, recently launched by the European Audiovisual Observatory.

Television | Finland | 26 Nov 2015

Finnish TV output 2014

In Finland, the programme supply of the nationwide free-to-air channels has risen by six hours per day. Reality television and foreign fiction continue to be the largest programme categories in Finnish television, while news continues to decrease. This is shown in a report on Finnish TV programming by the Ministry of Transport and Communications, which also indicates continuities of trends rather than any major changes compared to the previous year.

NEWS | 15 Sep 2015

Report on public service media's impact on the Swedish media market

The role of public service media and their possible impact on the media market are debated and assessed in several Nordic countries. In a report published September 1, the Swedish Broadcasting Authority concludes that public service media do not act in a way that clearly disrupts the commercial market.

Conference Publications | 9 Sep 2015

Nordicom is at the EBU Knowledge Exchange

The EBU Knowledge Exchange 2015 will take place on September 14-15 in Geneva, with the topic PSM's Contribution to Society. Nordicom will host an info-point, including the full range of publications by the RIPE network.

NEWSLETTER | 11 Aug 2015

New issue: European Media Policy

Nordicom's newsletter European Media Policy reports about policy developments at the European level, as well as some international news. The August issue is now available.

NEWS | 4 Aug 2015

The Finnish media market to be reviewed

The Ministry of Transport and Communications of Finland has appointed a working group to review the Finnish media markets. An assessment of the Finnish broadcasting Company's public service duty and funding will follow in 2016.  


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