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NEWS | 8 Nov 2016

Media VAT in the Nordic countries

The different value-added tax (VAT) rates for digital and print papers and books are under debate. Norway abolished VAT on digital news in March this year, but what is the situation in the other Nordic countries? Nordicom has mapped the VAT rates for the media sectors in the five Nordic countries.

NEWSLETTER | 7 Sep 2016

New issue of Media Trends in the Nordic Countries

The Nordic countries are increasingly mobile, the smartphone has become a given interface, and age stands out as an important factor for how media is consumed. These are some of the media trends reported in the new issue of Nordicom's Nordic newsletter.

NEWS | 5 Sep 2016

New Nordic knowledge centre for cultural analysis

A knowledge centre for Nordic cultural policy is underway. The project, commissioned by the Nordic Council of Ministers, is headed by the Swedish Agency for Cultural Policy Analysis. Compiling and harmonizing Nordic cultural statistics is one part of its mission.

NEWS | 5 Sep 2016

Suggestion for NRK's financing in Norway

An expert committee suggests that the financing for NRK, the Norwegian public service company, should be based on a licence fee (household fee), that should be platform-neutral, and include both linear and non-linear services.

NEWS | 31 Aug 2016

The YLE tax remains in Finland

A parliamentary working group, established to re-assess the role of the Finnish Broadcasting Company YLE on the media market, did not propose any changes to the existing system of funding. YLE should increase its purchases from independent production companies, but the tax remains.

NEWS | 30 Aug 2016

News consumption in Norway and Sweden

In Norway and Sweden, two inquiries are looking into how the media sector should be arranged to encourage media diversity, especially in news journalism. In both countries, the inquiries have turned to researchers for help in identifying and analysing citizens' news habits.

NEWSLETTER | 16 Aug 2016

European Media Policy - the August issue

'Light', targeted approach to online platforms such as Google and Facebook, new audiovisual rules to include services like Netflix and YouTube, and stressed importance of media literacy - these are some of the European media policy news in this newsletter.

NEWS | 22 Jun 2016

Defining on-demand services under the scope of the AVMSD

What types of video-on-demand services falls under the scope of the European Audiovisual Media Service Directive (AVMSD)? What differentiates those services from those covered by the E-Commerce Directive? A new report analyses the scope of the AVMSD, including the recent proposal for an update of the European legislation.

NEWS | 22 Jun 2016

EU proposes new rules for TV and online services

More flexible advertising rules for TV channels, obligations for on-demand services to promote European works, and an obligation for video-sharing platforms to protect minors from harmful content. These are some of the changes the European Commission proposes for an update of the European Audiovisual Media Service Directive (AVMSD).

NEWS | 11 May 2016

Danes are reluctant to participate in political debate on social media

How do Danes engage with and through social media in public political debates? Are Danes becoming participatory content creators or is this a mere ideal of social media use? A preliminary analysis of the data collected in the DECIDIS survey “Social Media and Political Engagement” shows that social media and especially Facebook continues to be a central part of most Danes daily media habits.


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