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Fasta sidor under Medieforskning
| 12 March 2021

A media year in the shadow of the coronavirus – new media report from DR, Denmark

In last year’s report, there was no doubt that 2020 would be a different media year for Denmark. 2019 was a year of savings and conflicts, leading to restructuring and shutdowns of several media channels in 2020. And then the pandemic hit. In this annual report, the Danish Broadcasting Corporation (DR) looks back at the media year of 2020 and the impact the coronavirus had on the Danes’ media habits.

| 28 January 2021
| 3 March 2021

Digital trends and challenges in the media landscape 2021

The development of the media landscape continues to be characterised by digitalisation. In addition, the Covid-19 pandemic has contributed to more people turning to professional news media, while their advertising revenues continue to decline. The fourteenth edition of Nordicom’s recurring publication MedieSverige provides the reader with lots of facts and information about the Swedish media landscape.

| 25 February 2021
| 8 February 2021
| 25 January 2021
| 22 December 2020
| 22 December 2020
| 26 October 2020
| 26 October 2020