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NEWS | 12 Jun 2015

Report on Nordic Films Crossing Borders

The number of Nordic titles distributed in neighbouring Nordic countries has steadily grown. But what were the top Nordic film exports in the Nordic region and internationally between 2009-2013 and how successful really was the Millennium film trilogy?

NEWS | 4 Jun 2015

Swedish media output 2014

More than two-thirds of the output on the public service channels SVT1 and SVT2 are domestic productions. Among the commercial channels, half of the TV4 output is of Swedish origin, while the others are dominated by English language productions, according to a study by the Swedish Broadcasting Authority.

NEWS | 26 Jun 2014

Finland: Papers are increasingly read online

Nine of ten Finns read printed press every week, but reading on digital platforms is increasing. This is reported by Statistics Finland in the newly published Finnish Mass Media 2013.


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