Nordicom Information: Using Video in Communication

The theme of the autumn eidtion of the journal Nordicom-Information is Video (Culture) and it examines the techonological development and use of video, as well as its social, cultural and political significance.

To introduce the new issue, we’ve created our own video, where we have asked people from different social sectors in the Nordic countries how they use video in their work. The idea is that this video should serve as a presentation of the new issue  and as a contribution to the discussion commenced in the articels.

The video contains three languages;  English, Swedish and Norweigan.



Participants in the movie are:

  • The Research Journal Media & Viestintä in Finland that recently started using videp abstracts to present the latest articles.
  • Journalism Reseach News that produces videointerviews with journalism researchers.  
  • Sveriges Kommunikatörer in Sweden produces a membership magazine, Videomagasinet, that is based on short videos.
  • Høgskulen i Volda, Norway that is working on a project that explores how the 360-degrees video can be used in journalism.


Read the full issue of Nordicom Information: 39 (2) 2017 Video (Culture), Editors Maarit Jaakkola and Balder Holm.