Academic Forum for Swedish MIL Research

Nordicom is coordinating the Academic Forum for Swedish MIL Research (Akademiskt forum för MIK-forskning) that is part of the network MIL Sweden (MIK Sverige), coordinated by the Swedish Media Council. The forum gathers together Swedish researchers and research institutions related to the study of media and information literacy (MIL). The forum page at NordMedia Network is in Swedish only.


Nordicom has a long tradition of publishing research in the field of children, youth and media.

Between 1998 and 2018, Nordicom was the host of the International Clearinghouse on Children, Youth and Media. The aim of the Clearinghouse was to increase awareness and knowledge about children, youth and media, by providing information and knowledge about new research findings and positive examples. 

One specific aim of the  Clearinghouse was to promote the enhancement of children’s and young people’s media and information literacy and media competence (MIL).

All Clearinghouse publications, along with all other Nordicom books on this topic, can be found under Publications (The Clearinghouse Yearbooks, The MILID Yearbooks and other Clearinghouse publications

The Clearinghouse also compiled a list of international and regional declarations on children and media, and Media and Information Literacy, in full text. Download the list Declarations on Children and Media (PDF)

Welcome to follow our news feed, which highlights new reports and books on Youth & Media and MIL (mainly on the Nordic scene).

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