The Media Barometer

The world’s oldest survey on media use

The Media Barometer (Mediebarometern) is an annual survey focusing on how the Swedish population between ages 9 and 85 uses media on traditional and digital platforms on an average day. The survey was first conducted in 1979 and has since been conducted every year; this makes the Media Barometer the oldest study of its kind in the world.

The main purpose of the study is to describe the long-term tendencies and changes in people’s use of different media. The Media Barometer includes all kinds of media and is used as a resource for the understanding of the Swedish media system. In recent years, the Media Barometer has made important contributions to the knowledge of how digitisation influences our use of media.

How the study is carried out

The Media Barometer is a so-called sample study. Before every study, a random sample of the Swedish population aged 9 to 79 is drawn from the national population registry.

We are presently carrying out the 2020 study; the survey is conducted via both the web and telephone. The sample of the Media Barometer 2020 involved roughly 15,000 individuals. Participation in the survey is, of course, completely voluntary.

How we treat the answers

The field work of the Media Barometer 2020 is conducted by Origo Group on behalf of the University of Gothenburg, and is carried out in accordance with applicable data protection regulation and is also regulated in a special agreement between Origo Group and the University of Gothenburg.

The answers collected in the study are handled so that no external parties can gain access to them. The contact information of the individuals in the sample is collected from Statens personadressregister (SPAR) and is only used during the period of the field work. The data is deleted once the field work has been completed. Once the answers have been de-identified, they cease to be personal data since they can no longer be tracked to a specific individual. The answers collected in the survey are only presented as statistics, that is, as numbers in tables and figures.


Do you have questions concerning your participation?

If you have been selected to participate in the Media Barometer 2020 and have questions concerning your participation, please feel free to contact Origo Group either via email at or via telephone on +46 8591 23 650 on business days between 8-17 h.


Free accessibility 

The Media Barometer is a unique study in the sense that it is both continuously conducted and freely accessible. It is funded by the Swedish Minister of Culture and the results are published with open access on the Nordicom website.