Nordic film industry still dominated by men

29 Jan 2014

Analysis of data compiled by national film institutes in the Nordic countries shows that the film industry in the region is still dominated by men:

Men still dominate the functions of director, producer and script writer;
Men are the main characters in fiction films;
In 25 of the 98 Nordic fiction films released in 2012, the lead actors, directors, producers and scriptwriters were all men;
In only one of the 98 films were all these positions held by women;
The most gender balanced position is the producer in the Swedish and Danish sectors.

Read the full report here:Gender Balance in the Film Industry

The data will be presented at Göteborg International Film Festival at a seminar entitled “Gender Balance in the Nordic Film Industry”,

Jan 29 2014, 1 pm, at Pustervik, Järntorget.

The report is based on available public statistics on men and women compiled and analysed by Nordicom as part of the Nordic Gender & Media Forum,

financed by the Nordic Council of Ministers and monitored by Nordicom at the University of Gothenburg during 2014. The Nordic Gender & Media Forum

is about collecting statistics, examples of good practice, and creating a platform for discussion of gender equality in the media (film, journalism, advertising

and computer games). The project can be seen as a regional follow-up to the Beijing Platform for Action, 1995, when all UN member states agreed on the

need to increase the participation of women in the media and to combat stereotypes.


Contact info to the speakers at the seminar:

Ulrika Facht, media analyst, Nordicom, University of Gothenburg, +46 31 786 1306

Annika Hellström, Dorisfilm, Sweden, + 46 70 786 64 16

Francine Raveney, Director, European Women’s Audiovisual Network (EWA), +33 687381621

Terese Martinsson, Bachelor student, Cultural Studies, University of Gothenburg, +46 70 352 14 57

Maria Edström, Research officer, Nordicom, + 46 70 370 48 79 #ngmf14 #equalnordic

Nordicom is a knowledge centre for media and communications research, a collaboration between the five countries of the Nordic region – Denmark, Finland,

Iceland, Norway and Sweden. Nordicom is an institution that operates under the auspices of the Nordic Council of Ministers.