NEWS | 9 Jun 2014

The Nordic countries - Europe's busiest IT users

Europe’s most avid IT users live in the Nordic countries and the Netherlands. But Internet use is on a steady increase in all of Europe. More and more Europeans use a mobile phone to connect to the Internet, many have their own profiles on social networks, and online shopping is increasing. This is shown in Statistics Denmark’s report on ICT development in the EU countries.

NEWS | 2 Jun 2014

Nordic Top Priorities on Prime Ministers Summit

At their summit meeting in Iceland the Nordic Prime Ministers described the Nordic co-operation as a natural platform for the work involved in meeting the challenges facing the Nordic region, Europe and the rest of the world. They gave highest priority to the work of the Nordic Council of Ministers in areas such as bio-economy and health, and to strengthening the position and competitiveness of the region.

Nordicom | 22 May 2014

Ulla Carlsson Honorary Doctor at University of Tampere

Joint doctoral conferment of the School of Communication, Media and Theatre, the School of Education and the School of Social Sciences and Humanities at the University of Tampere to be held on 5-7 June 2014

Conference Report | 5 May 2014

Making Television in the 21st Century

Fresh insights and global perspectives dominated the Making Television in the 21st Century Conference held in Aarhus University, Denmark from October 24-26, 2013. The common thread uniting the wide-ranging talks was the pursuit to provide updated models and methods to make sense of the evolving medium.

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NEWS | 5 May 2014

New five-year agreement to support Nordic films and TV

The Nordic culture ministers have together with Nordic film institutes and television stations announced a new five-year agreement with the Nordisk Film & TV Fond.

NEWS | 23 Apr 2014

Gender Balance in the Nordic Advertising Industry

Nordicom has compiled statistics about the Nordic advertising industry as a part of the project Nordic Gender & Media Forum. The data will be presented at at seminar in Copenhagen April 24 in collaboration with Kvinfo; Byrummets stereotype kvindebilleder - Køn og Reklamer" -  a seminar about the gender stereotypes in adverts  in the public sphere. (The seminar will be held in Scandinavian.)

A link to the handout Gender Balance in the Nordic Advertising industry can be found here.

NEWSLETTER | 15 Apr 2014

Newsletter on media policy in Europe

[NORDICOM] European Media Policy provides an up-date on policy developments at the European level. The April issue gives an overview of some main media questions - such as Internet governance, data protection and copyright - that have been discussed during the last months or will be on the agenda in the near future.



Nordicom-Finland | 14 Apr 2014

The Finnish Conference for Media Studies

The Finnish Conference for Media Studies was held in Vaasa, Finland 4-5april. It was organized by the Finnish Association for Media and Communication Studies (Mevi ry) together with the Department of Communication Studies in the University of Vaasa.

Nordicom | 31 Mar 2014

Where are the females in the gaming industry?

The rapid growth of the computer games market and industry has taken the education sector as well as the labour market by surprise. The gender distribution among students and workers, however, doesn't correspond with that of the population, nor with that of the players. This raises many questions: • What will the consequences of this distortion be? • Are we missing a great part of the potential game developers? • How does the Nordic games development respond to the recruiting challenges of the future? • Which attitudes promote diversity within the business? • What is the role of the university gaming schools? These issues are in focus during a seminar at Hanaholmen/Hanasaari, the Swedish-Finnish Culture Centre, Finland on April 2, 2014.