NYHET | 27 Mar 2015

DAB development in the Nordic countries

During the spring, the Norwegian Government will decide when a transition to DAB radio can be concluded. A digital radio switchover is also on the agenda in Denmark and Sweden: in Denmark there has been a political decision to transition to DAB, while in Sweden a Government Official Report has suggested a technology shift for terrestrial radio.

NYHET | 23 Mar 2015

“The new media reality is now commonplace”

The report Media Development 2014  by the DR Media Research Department is now available. One of its main points is that streaming is still in the process of somewhat taking over audiences from traditional television.

Dissertations | 19 Mar 2015

Doctoral Dissertations '14

Doctoral dissertations in the field of Nordic media and communication research  are annually compiled and published by Nordicom. The 2014 compilations are now available in pdf format at this website.

Conference | 18 Mar 2015

ICA Regional Conference

The 2015 ICA Regional Conference, October 11-13, is organized by the Department of Intercultural Communication and Management, Copenhagen Business School’s in agreement with the International Communication Association and co-sponsored by NORDICOM, University of Southern Denmark and Purdue University.

NEWS | 16 Mar 2015

The Nordics best digital performers in new EU index

The European Commission has created an index to monitor Member States’ progress towards a digital economy and society. Denmark, Sweden and Finland rank respectively first, second and fourth among the EU countries.

NEWS | 16 Mar 2015

The media day 2014: Book, web TV and digital radio increases

[NORDICOM] In 2014 the consumption of newspapers, television and radio online continued to increase, but the use of traditional television, radio and paper products was still considerably higher. This is reflected in the first results from Nordicom-Sweden's annual media use survey, the Media Barometer, for 2014.

NEWS | 9 Mar 2015

Fragmented TV viewing, but still large channels

[NORDICOM] Linear TV: Two television channels each in all the Nordic countries have about half of the respective countries’ viewing time combined. And despite declining reach, three channels – of which two are in Finland – are watched by half the population on an average day.

NEWS | 6 Mar 2015

Gender Equality in the Nordic Countries

Nordic gender equality benefits from the fact that the Nordic countries are one family. Gender equality can increase or decrease in one individual country, but there is always something which the other countries can take inspiration from.