NEWS | 26 Oct 2018

More new books, but fewer frequent Danish readers

The Danes’ desire to read continues to change. Today, more fiction than ever is being published, while at the same time, digital media is still progressing. This is according to new figures from the Danish Book and Literature Panel’s annual report for 2018.

NEWS | 7 Feb 2018

Changes in Danish households’ media expenses

A new analysis from the Danish Agency for Culture and Palaces shows that in 2016, Danish households spent much more money on audiovisual media than on text media. The amount of money spent on text media – newspapers, magazines and books – has almost halved in ten years.

NEWS | 20 Nov 2017

Diligent Danish readers are getting fewer

The Danes’ desire to read is changing, and the use of digital media such as audio books is advancing. This is according to new figures from the Danish Book and Literature Panel’s annual report.

NEWS | 5 Oct 2017

Study of Danish children's reading habits

Danish children read less in their spare time, and especially girls have changed their reading habits. These are some of the conclusions in a study of Danish children's reading habits, media habits, and library use by the Danish Think Tank – Libraries of the Future.

NEWS | 28 Mar 2017

Education, age and gender determines how much we read

The Danish Book and Literature Panel has issued a report that maps the reading habits in the Nordic countries, as well as Germany and the UK. The report shows that education, age and gender influence how much we read – across the country boarders.  

NEWS | 10 Jan 2017

The Danish Book Market in 2016

The Danes’ reading habits are generally stable. As for the Danish book market, more literature than ever is being published and the number of new publishers has increased, as shown in the Danish Book and Literature Panel's report.

NEWS | 1 Dec 2015

Report on the Danish book market 2015

The Book and Literature Panel in Denmark has published its first report, a mapping - not previously been done to the same extent - of the existing statistics on the book market in Denmark. In addition, the report presents new interdisciplinary statistics in the field. Moreover, it offers a number of recommendations for the improvement of existing statistics.