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NEWS | 17 Feb 2022

Here are the most cited Nordicom Review articles in 2021

Source evaluation, Danish-Swedish differences and hyper-local media are on top of Nordicom Review’s list of articles most cited in other scientific journals. Number eight on the list is an up-and-comer with an unusual number of citations in less than a year.
NEWS | 10 Feb 2022

Skam – a recurring research topic

The popular youth television series Skam [Shame] has been a recurring theme in articles published by Nordicom during the past few years. Most recent is a Nordicom Review article discussing media literacy skills among young digital media users engaging with Skam through participation in an online blog.
NEWS | 04 Feb 2022

Highlights from Nordicom 2021

Nordicom Review’s cite score increased significantly, the Swedish Media Barometer measured the highest media consumption ever, and Nordicom entered new projects beneficial for media research. Here, we summarise the highlights from Nordicom 2021.
NEWSLETTER | 21 Dec 2021

New issue of European Media Policy no. 3, 2021

Some of the content in this new issue: Work on EU's new digital rulebook - DMA and DSA - has been progressing quite quickly, new VAT rules to allow for zero-rating of journalistic publications, and the EU commission calls on member states to support and protect journalists. Welcome to read the full issue no. 3, 2021 here!
NEWSLETTER | 08 Dec 2021

Media economy, media use and media policy in our Nordic newsletter

How has the pandemic affected the media economy? Where can you find statistics on media habits? And what issues are on the media policy agenda? Read more in this new issue of Nordicom's Nordic newsletter.
NEWS | 02 Dec 2021

Who owns the media in the EU? Nordicom participates in new project

What does media ownership look like in the EU? A new pilot project, Euromedia Ownership Monitor, will seek to answer this question and explain in a future database.
NEWS | 01 Dec 2021

Danes spend more time on digital media in 2020

At the same time as the Danes' digital media consumption is rising, Google, Facebook and LinkedIn are taking an ever-increasing share of advertising revenue. These and several other topics are addressed in the Ministry of Culture's annual media reporting.
NEWS | 30 Nov 2021

Men dominate the news flow in the Nordic countries

In Nordic media, only one-third of the news subjects are women, reports the Global Media Monitoring Project. Several Nordic country reports provide deepened analysis of gender equality per country.
NEWS | 23 Nov 2021

Denmark, Finland and Sweden are the EU’s most digital countries

Once again, the Nordic EU countries take top positions in the annual EU digital index. Denmark, Finland and Sweden are the three most-digital EU countries. Norway is number five.
NEWS | 05 Nov 2021

Nordicom to examine technology giants' influence over Nordic news media

The Nordic Council of Ministers for Culture have commissioned Nordicom to write a report on the influence of the technology giants on developments in Nordic private news media.