NEWS | 28 Nov 2016

Young people’s news consumption in Norway

Nine of ten young Norwegians check out the news every day, often several times a day, and the smartphone stands out as their main source of news. These are some of the results of a survey of young people’s news consumption in a digitized everyday life.

The National Institute for Consumer Research (SIFO) has published a report on 16-25-year-olds’ news consumption via smartphone, social media and news aggregators. The main focus lies on the smartphone’s role in young people’s news consumption.

The survey shows that two of three 16-25-year-olds are interested or very interested in news, and nine of ten check out the news on a daily basis.

As for devices, the smartphone has become the main platform for their news consumption, closely followed by a PC/Mac. Moreover, young people prefer going directly to the news via web browsers, rather than downloading apps from the news sources.

Nine of ten young Norwegians use Facebook daily, which makes it by far the most popular social media. Two-thirds have chosen to “like”, follow or subscribe to news services on Facebook, even though half of the young Norwegians claim that social media is never their first option for checking out news. At the same time, almost half say that news stories in social media make them more interested in news.

A third of the 16-25-year-olds sometimes read, watch or check news from news aggregators.

Read more and download the report here (in Norwegian)
About the National Institute for Consumer Research (in English)


About the survey: The survey of young people's news consumption was conducted by Norstat during November-December 2015. The respondents comprised 805 people aged 16-25. The report also includes a literature review and a compilation of studies on news consumption in Norway and abroad.